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  Posted: Sep 30, 2012 11:02 PM FEED
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Somewhere in this sea of people and confetti, was a 10 minute DJ set from Kaskade, and for 10 minutes, everything was alright. #brooklyn #bk #tidalxbrooklyn
Posted: Oct 9, 2017 12:31 AM
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I'm thinking that whoever left this here slipped on the manhole cover and just said, "ah, fuck it." #brooklyn #bk
Took this last time I was home, when that was the rumor right after the Warriors won the title. Thrilled that it's now official. Fuck off, Trump. #oakland #warriors
So it turns out there's more to this country than just California and New York... #wy #devilstower
#tbt to being a champion. Ready for more please, thank you. #oakland #warriors
When you only make it one game a year... #giants #sf
No sleep for almost 48 hours, including going straight from work to a 7 am flight, and then straight to #holtymatrimony, bring me back to life por favor. #oakland
Reunited with @i.4.n.i in #holtymatrimony. Such a beautiful wedding @mattyboe @xtineholt, love you guys. #oakland (📷 the always amazing @scenechangego)
Tried explaining how it didn't really make sense because MJ is like the most clutch player of all time and would never choke, but you know what, fuck it, not bad. #brooklyn #bk
1. Bro, get out of my spot so I can casually pose for this picture. 2. Sweet shirt, right? Thanks, 3. Four wins down, 12 to go. Let's get it. #nyc #gsw #toosweet
Going to a baseball game when you can't eat hot dogs or drink beer is stupid. #passover #bx @kevguy4k
I don't know, 3 AM writing on bathroom wall - I think you can make a strong case that he is actually properly rated. #brooklyn #bk