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Kimchi fried rice with extra kimchi on the side.

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Boil water advisory today (#nolalife), so guess what I'm going to be drinking all day? And maybe brushing my teeth with?
Green beans roasted with @homeplacepastures bacon ends. Feeling pretty good about tonight's round of Please Try a Green Thing with the kid.
Happy 6th anniversary to the love of my life, @robkerkovich. Here's to many more years of wearing track suits whenever possible and never taking ourselves too seriously. 📷: @dylanandjeni, circa 2010
The Kerkotong household is very into our new CSA share from @homeplacepastures. Sustainably, humanely raised meat from Mississippi at a per pound price less than Whole Food$. Also the Uptown pickup is at Bourree and you get a free daiquiri, which is as #nola as it gets.
Someone's being a LITTLE dramatic. (Btw, 2044 was the answer to my question. The year the Census Bureau predicts non-Hispanic whites will stop being the majority. We'll all be minorities together. I think it's going to be good for us, you guys.)
A very happy birthday to @robkerkovich, partner in crime, champion dad, and undisputed King of the Turtleneck since 2012.
MAYO-LESS SLAW 4-EVA. (Especially when it's spicy and gingery and limey like this one, an old fave. Recipe link in profile.)
Mississippi watermelon or newly discovered solar system?
Favorite easy salad dressing right now: this kefir & herb number. Lemon juice, kefir, green onions, whatever herbs are around, olive oil, salt. Blitz and done. It's kinda ranch-y, but with probiotics, and who among us doesn't need more probiotics or delicious salad dressings in our lives?
One thing Americans do better than Italians: craft beer! (I'm back and trying to look on the bright side. But this beer really is good, it's like a shandy.)
Life tip: always say yes to whipped cream on top.
It's my last night in Bolsena, where life has been good, and not as creepy as you might imagine living in an old convent would be.
The OTHER half of this trip to Italy, which honestly is almost as fun. #artisanalcheeseprocess