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  Posted: Sep 30, 2012 3:25 PM
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Jehovah Ruleth
  • Im christian ofcourse i do. I also go to church sundays and wednesdays.

  • que_llyn 263w ago

    @micaakush listen hun, read the bible and then speak..... Smh ignorance is bliss

  • WoW yall need to read the Bible!!! Jay Z is NOT Jehovah! Jehovah is the GODs Name like the Real GOD!! Who is JESUS SON!!!

  • miasols 263w ago

    As always.. Best month

  • Gets on my nerves when I hear & see such ignorance. I kno you ppl have heard of Jehovah Witnesses!! Well were do u think the name comes from! I have family & really good friends who are Witnesses & if u really listened to what they say u could learn aLOT!

  • @lala_lakay what bible are u reading cause I am reading the English Standard Version and it clearly states Let them be put to shame and dismayed forever;

    let them perish in disgrace,
    that they may know that you alone,

    whose name is the Lord,

    are the Most High over all the earth. (Psalm 83:17, 18 ESV)

  • @micaakush really does not know what she's talking about. God is a title, Jehovah is deff his name and he is the Almighty of everything. He is Gods of all Gods. Simple.

  • Hahaa ok @piffjarvis89 you'll learn one day.

  • Not.....

  • Now in not sure why these artists keep using Jehovahs name but it gets on my nerves bc I kno they dont kno the REAL meaning! Well I can tell u all u need to know! I love Jehovah & ppl who believe in him & all his literature! Ive heard about them all my life pretty much & when I came to America they started knockin on my door lol I love talking to them & I love ALL there answers!!

  • uncle_l 263w ago

    September was a good month for me as well 👍👍

  • Love my beloved #Virgo season...prepared for the 4th quarter now...

  • @badgalriri must be reading through this and saying "same old shit, just a different day"

  • Lol sorry for typin ya ears off if jus makes me mad lol & riri is always sayin his name I jus wonder who she think shes talkin about....

  • atlqueenb 263w ago

    Great because im looking forward to October:-)

  • READ the bible... Ur interpretation is wrong for lack of better words. @micaakush

  • __montoya 263w ago

    @mscatalaya Girl....... She's talking about Jehovah God, not Jehovah witnesses. Smh.

  • Wat did 7/11 ever do to u ;))

  • @__montoya Jehovah Witnesses are Jehovah Gods ppl thts the point I was trying to make

  • She maybe talking about Jehovah God, but I wonder does she really kno the meaning of his name? & tht cray cray comment I say before jus set me off..which was the result of my comments not solely on riris post

  • 🙉🙊🙈

  • @mscatalaya & @lala_lakay I love your comments!!! 👍👍🙏

  • @theycallmemama77 awww ur welcome love have a nice week :))

  • @misses_mc aw thank you

  • Wow. The absolute ignorance. Smh Spreading it like it's coveted knowledge. How Sad.

  • @valentinobiagiotti_26 thank you! lol you aint lyin! Smh

  • @timgbz you are correct she is "entitled" as you say. Just like I am entitled to post my opinion on a public posting on a public profile.

  • @badgalriri that makes two! Thank you September :)

  • abellina 263w ago

    Mine too

  • _alontae_ 263w ago

    Wonder if she gets bored and goes I wonder what they'll say bout this... @badgalriri ...puppets

  • @lala_lakay & @mscatalaya I am a Jehovah witness and you 2 are very well informed, the reason why she @micaaskush speaks as she does is because she is not a true christan and does not know about the true knowledge of jehovah as you two seem to know most likely riri has no idea who Jehovah truely is but just his name because if riri did she would not live her life to please Satan @lala_lakay the new world translation is the bible that we Jehovah witnesses matter what bible you chose to read read psalms 83:18

  • dizbrah 263w ago

    @coldeelocks shut up

  • @coldeelocks that would be a great argument if anything in the bible was historically accurately and not just a collection of stories handed down a generation by people who couldn't read or write. Open a history book, the bible is full of fallacies. But you and people like you will never think critically and do your own research. You'll continue being willfully ignorant #realtalk

  • @ninarawz i love rihanna and her music. I was making a commenting on someone else comment its those people who are commenting that switched what i was saying around. I dont care what anyone believes because at the end of the day it aint noones god thats paying me.

  • muka03 263w ago

    Amen @dam_nessa Jehovah is the one and ONLY true God🙏 #knowledge is #power.

  • @favgemini i have 3 bibles thank yu & used to be christian. I knw pretty well about the christian religion no need to buy a dictionary im pretty sure i know how to spell thank yu.

  • @lala_lakay @mscatalaya Class you two girls!!

  • It's funny how many people have deceived themselves into thinking they have the power to say what is right and what is wrong. The majority of you on here preaching probably live in glass houses, so please stop with the stone throwing.

  • @dam_nessa that is definelty true

  • @mracius #truth @toofurturistic bible is jehovahs written words to humankind he used some 40 human secretaries over a period of 16 centuries to record it and god actively directed the writting by his spirit

  • Yes!

  • @dam_nessa see thts! What im talkin about girl lol I love #JehovahWitnesses lol

  • @dam_nessa If only I wasnt all up in the world smh im a good person tho lol

  • @coldeelocks you honestly have said it best me being a witness would have explained it the same way... Keep your knowledge and faith at heart and god will stand by you no matter what, and yes as witnesses that's what we do we just want to share his truth good news love and knowledge @mscatalaya good I'm glad because we love you too and lol I hear you because I used to be a wordly person so I know how and what you mean, but when the time is ready for Jehovah to call on you I know you can and he knows you can and you will not deny his work when the time is right for you that's between you and Jehovah only ;)

  • @coldeelocks I'm well aware of what ignorance is, it was showcased very well when I used the word to describe your self-proclaimed expertise on history and theology. Do you get your "facts" from the bible?

  • genesaqua 263w ago

    Rihanna just said Jehovah made my day ☺

  • Jehovah is smiling;)

  • @dam_nessa lol awwww thank you I def wouldnt deny it. I kno alot about you guys & I read all the watchtower & awake mags! But my fav book is the Bible Teach one omg! I love tht book! lol & I love Psalms 83:18 if any1 ask me where is Jehovahs name in the Bible I tell them tht one && they shut up hehe

  • jurissaj 263w ago

    You know Gods name ! Word up RiRi :)

  • Gracias @katiielouiie you too! :)

  • Knowledge is power.

  • Yes! Im glad I know something about Him :) @coldeelocks

  • @coldeelocks Oh goodness, that's not what showcasing have a great day.

  • asleyt6uz 263w ago

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  • @lala_lakay we all have to start somewhere right and like you pointed out how do you become friends with someone if you don't even know his/her name it's the same with god. Yes he sees all even when we think we are alone he is def with us watching our heart and mind not just our actions. Satan feeds off of our actions because if you have Jehovah in your heart he will never be able to reach to. It's little changes that draw you closer to him and in all due time like you said he us very patient but most of all loving and no molatter what you do in life he will accept you for you at any given time.

  • Yes it was @badgalriri it was my bday today! Did 42k on the bike this morn now it's time to party!

  • @mscatalaya that's awesome I love the what does the bible teach book as well it's so amazing with all the knowledge and information that it teaches and gives, but i wonder with all your family and friends that are witnesses have you sat down with any if them ever to do a study out of that book or do you just read it on your own

  • I'm pretty sure @badgalriri is NOT a Jehovah witness' but I'm glad to see the positive post , instead of the usual random THUG LIFE lol

  • yingmx4f 263w ago

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  • @lala_lakay lol minus all the typos I just saw lol sorry

  • treyes 263w ago


  • nords14 263w ago

    Oohhhhhhh yes!!!

  • @lala_lakay ok good lol

  • @badgalriri Me Too Girll Me Too :))

  • eltonl22q 263w ago

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  • Yes it was, how was it for you @arlenemarin9

  • Welp I never had a study but I had a grandma &other relatives who would come over & I ask so many questions& when I got alil older my gm would give me a few of the mags here & there then the young ppl ask book tracks & eventually the bible teach book but she said she had to stop givin me the deeper books bc I have to be studying first but I wasnt ready had wayyy too much goin on unfortunatly stiiilll do lol

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  • Not so much

  • @badgalriri I'll Give you Study

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  • @mscatalaya well it wonderful that you are aware of jehovahs works keep your heart open making time for him will come trust me it works out because when he knows your ready and calls upon you nothing else will matter but doing his work by spreading his word well I will def keep in touch with you cuz there are so many different ways to have a study now so maybe one day :)

  • isydime 263w ago


  • rugges 263w ago

    @zio10 perplesso qnt te 😳

  • ggarriola 263w ago


  • How cool that people are talking about Jehovah !!! 😃😃

  • @mmb321 with all your lesson and blessings!!

  • Yes rihanna..jehovah is the creator of all things and is the only true god!!!

  • My birthday month!

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  • @coldeelocks you have way to much time on your hands. I dont believe in Jehova's witness, i believe in Jesus Christ. Also God isnt a title its ONE person and that person definitely isnt Jehova. Y'all believe in what you wanna believe in and ima believe in what i wanna believe in, even though your choice isnt real. It is what it is.

  • @abilakara I know right lol

  • dlopez63 263w ago

    @dreamgurl_25 Psalms 83:18:'That people may know that you, whose name is Jehovah, you alone are the Most High over all the earth.'

  • dlopez63 263w ago

    @vernica_: thank you!

  • dlopez63 263w ago

    @venica_ : Thank you!

  • dlopez63 263w ago

    @dam_nessa : Thank you my sister, for your encouraging words to help others gain 'true knowledge' about Jehovah, which WA brought out in our study of the Watchtower yesterday (Sunday)....#fromsistertosister

  • Omg people should stop writing essays on here fillin up my feed haha

  • Wow, these rude comments !!!!! KJV Exodus 6:3......Jehovah is His name. I wish folks would stop jumping to conclusions that a person is a JW just because they know God's name. And there's nothing wrong with being a JW, by the way. <3

  • @dam_nessa thanks ill keep an eye out for him lol ya never kno! :)

  • asowemimo 263w ago

    My birthday 😍😍😻😻😹👊

  • @micaakush sweetie Jehovah witnesses are god ppl and yes the word god is a title not a name how can it be lies if more then one person has told you this, you really should have a more opened mind to god if you love him as you say you do. Christ is gods son gods name is Jehovah if you open your verison of the bible like I stated yesterday in any bible you will see that Jehovah tells you his true name it's psalms 83:18 please educate yourself to the true knowledge of god

  • @dlopez it's great to have the backing of Jehovah and nothing came from my mouth it's truely Jehovah speaking all praise belongs to him and yes that watchtower was great yesterday #sistertosister #jehovahslove

  • @coldeelocks and @dam_nessa why are y'all still talking tho ? Hahaa do i have to write this shit on your foreheads for y'all to understand idgaf ? Like i said before ima work in progress christian, goes to church wednesdays and sundays, MY God isnt the "God" you guys worship if he was then we wouldnt be talking right now, i read the bible not all of it yet but ima get there until then stfu. This been going on for two days and im already passed being over it. Keep it moving.

  • @micaakush just a few scriptures for you to take in and do some research on Romans 10:13 everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved, Ezekiel 39:6 ppl will have to know that I am Jehovah, John 17:26 and I have made your name known to

  • @micaakush john 17:26 and I have made your name known to them and will make it known in order that the love with which you loved me may be in them and I in union with them

  • @micaakush with a mouth like that you clearly aren't a true validated your own silly thoughts good day young lady

  • @coldeelocks yes I do I feel you and hear you loud and clear #jehovah

  • Love ya girl!!!!!!

  • You assholes. Jehovah is gods name it says it in the bible. The bible doesn't lie. Dumb asses.

  • @xsuchaeffnladyx they goin in # hewatchingyou

  • tifanyy._ 262w ago

    We just had a Watchtower on being kind. Let these people be, move on, don't waste your time. Other people do want to know about god. Jehovah sees and reads the hearts. Remember.

  • I believe in Jehovah with all

  • @badgalriri contact with Jehovah's Witnesses!

  • I wish I could say the same. This September sucked @$$.

  • September ruled! #virgo

  • Blah blah.lets all agree to disagree,worship who ever u desire! Ijs.

  • 22india22 262w ago

    <3 september favorite


  • @jackystarlet it was great! Exhausting, but great. Accomplished every goal I set for myself 😊

  • @theinfamouslala Couldn't have said it better myself!

  • Happy to see recognition for Jehovah! He is the beginning & the end, Almighty, Loving & Just. I love HIM. Good post @badgalriri 🙏

  • fekanie 260w ago

    @micaakush God is a title. But do you not think he has a name?

  • @fekanie yo ass is late.

  • fekanie 260w ago

    @micaakush is not about being Jehovah's Witness or Christian. It's about believing in Gods word, the Bible. I tell you this, make sure that anything someone tell you is supported by Gods word. Its actually nice to see that you take an interest in the Bible, when many do not. And for one when talking about God such language that you have is not very kind & surely not something that pleases him.

  • fekanie 260w ago

    @micaakush never too late:)

  • Love you babe ill keep all your secrets locked in my heart ❤

  • That's the month of ma b-day

  • @badgalriri I hope this day you enjoy the most, it is a day that will never forget! I remain very impressed when I learned that on your birthday you were working and were a little sick, I hope you recover! God bless you and fill you with many blessings, opportunities and many more successes in your work, personal life, in all, I love you and Latin America also

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