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yumnaaa 263w ago
My normal reaction to a beautiful large body of water: get naked. Photo by @justjac

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The majority of North America’s Pacific Coast was on fire. We spent days lurking under lingering fire air, red sun shining through the holes of forest canopies, ashes gathering over the vegetation and polluting our lungs. Although we were not in the fire, the Earth gave sign that it was a time to grieve.
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NYC : Today my project "Face" will be on view at The ICP Museum on Bowery until the 8th.
The International Center of Photography Museum in New York @icp will be exhibiting my project "Face" from October 2-8. You'll be able to view the works from street level, right in the windows of the museum on Bowery. So honored for these works to make it there. Major thanks to @wesleyverhoeve for making this happen! And big love to @afac.culture and @theiwmf for the endless support.
Today I miss Yemen. I miss its beauty. I miss its insanity. I miss sneaking into ancient ruins with kids who know the land better than anyone else and who are infinitely sweet stunting Yemeni suits at a young age. I miss the warmth of its people against the stark contrast of war and insecurity. I miss the food. I miss its history. There are so many regrets one can carry when they can no longer get to a home they love.
So excited to sleep under these West Coast stars again. Zion National Park, 2014.
For all that you've given us, we should have been better to you.
LONDON! My film and photos from Shedding Skin will be showing at @proteinstudios #FeminismsxArabMuslimDiaspora! Opening night is on August 24th from 7-10pm. Hope to see you there xx
yumnaaa 11w ago
The only other Yumna I've ever met in person. She was covered with beautiful tattoos: some represented her love and connection to the earth. Others represented her multiple lovers. Others were symbols of celebration for the various stages of a woman's life. Some became protection from evil spirits for her and her family. A few were homage to Fatima, the Prophet Muhammad's daughter. And most were simply for beauty, to highlight it and embrace it. The beauty and power of being a woman.