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  Posted: Sep 30, 2012 8:16 AM FEED
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Maya: 1, Glazed donut bourbon ice cream cereal sandwich: 0
Palm trees kneel to their pile of rocks. #taketheknee
The calm after the storm. Shana Tova. 🍎🍯
Can this nightmare be over with already?
Had a fantastic time watching U2 perform in the way only U2 can and rummaging backstage at Jimmy Fallon w our dear friends & amazing hosts @sethzog @hithaherzog ❤️
Got a little lost today hiking from 10k feet. What you can't see here is how badly my knee hurts. #🛀🛌
5 min before the thunderstorm that chased us back down the mountain 😬
We kicked off a double babymoon with a double rainbow, and spent the rest of the week waking up to roosters, coveting birds with excellent hairdos, and taking in the most lush and colorful views and meals. #restandresist
Nutrition, shampoo and even lipstick grow on trees (and shrubs and bushes) at Kauai Farmacy. Everything that grows here is beautiful, delicious and good for you. Love this place. Boomerang via @rachelryle #restandresist