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I don't get to wear her all that often anymore, at least not where she really wants it. Someone has a fever and feels yucky so she was more than okay with being up in her ring sling for our walk. #16weekspregnant #hipbabywrap #pregnantbabywearing @hipbabywraps
Working from home means getting to drink the various brands of kombucha stored in my fridge. This orange one is becoming a quick favorite.
Some one is staying up late tonight. I've had like an hour and a half of hours awake cuddles. I will take it any day
Got Lock and Shock on her booty. Girl has been cuddling into papa every night lately to fall to sleep. If you can't tell, @guywithpi might love it. A lot. #nightmarebeforechristmas
Devouring her croissant 🥐 so very chic.
Stella is all 'sisters stop taking the attention away from me' already. Or actually, 'put me down I wanna try and throw rocks in the pool'. Either way, here's some effort towards a belly photo because #havingmorebabehs
@guywithpi makes me take a photo of him and his girl every night he cuddles her to sleep. This is only a sampling of the collection we have.
I own a mini van now and I'm cool with it. Because this car is infinitely cooler than my Fiat ever was. 😋
Date night means two sushi rolls because TWINS in mah belly. Now Kingsmen!
Fell asleep holding hands. This girl is more fun everyday. And her love of bagels and cream cheese is awesome.
Stella is getting TWO sidekicks this March 2018 because I am having TWINS!!!!! #allthebabies
Porg on a corg.

Also Stella is downright terrified of the Porg. 🤣
She's got another thing of bubbles in her hand that she grabbed off the table because one thing blowing bubbles just doesnt cut it. This kid. She knows what she wants. And that's more bubbles, more crackers, and more tomato based substances.
Just strolling along with her Papa man. I guess the been it if having no power in Boca is we have power here and get to go to Disney after work...Soo....I'll take it.
The winds will be here soon......Jason is teaching Stella to become a want inflatable arms thing to prepare.
Jason made strawberry lime cupcakes from scratch. Best way to prepare for a hurricane in my book #hurricaneirma