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New life, New IG! Follow me if you're my friend :) #notjustafollower
My babies won HHSAA State Cheerleading Championships... AGAIN! Back-to-back State Champions!!! Couldn't be more proud of them, especially to my Hali'a love <3 All of you make me so happy and my fiancé (who was not a big fan of the sport) was VERY impressed and really enjoyed watching you guys!!😉 He's been converted lol Also, to the most amazing coaches in the WORLD-- Congratulations!! There's no way they could have done it without you guys. You guys are the very best!! To Nani and Tyty-- IM SO HAPPY I got to see you and watch you (Nani) perform one last time!! See you in December😁😁😁 I love you guys sooo much!😘😘😘 Until next year,💙 #piccollage
E hoʻi aku ana mākou i Kauaʻi!!!! Well, except Laura.... But that's none of your business😛 hahaha #SMILE
Last sunrise of our voyage! Beautiful morning to a bittersweet day...🌅⛵️⚓️#huiIosepa #waatime #mokolii #chinamanshat #HNNsunrise
Definition of Love💕 shoutout to this couple, cutest in the world! And to Diegs, the lucky guy in the photo... Hauʻoli lā hānau!! 🎉 #celebrationtime #cuteazcouple #redvelvetcake #cheesemeat&hummus #crackers #chocolatecoveredstrawberries #champagne #SOCUTE #darlings #putaringonitalready
He seems to be more inclined to help out in the kitchen, making food, more and more.... I like it😏🍍👑 #pineappleprincess #lihingmuipineapple #fastsunday
Enjoy this lovely picture of a beautiful dolphin and two whales 😏👌
#sealifepark #ipoisthebest
Had the best kids this past week! I guess actions may have a bigger impact than you think😉 Thanks to these two for the gifts!! And to everyone, thanks for the memories, the challenges, the lessons, and experience!! #holomua14 #imissthemsoomuch #comeback #ifeelsoempty
I could never get this stud to cook all by himself, but this time my cooking was interrupted by a dirty diaper so he went ahead & cooked his first omelet for me without burning anything!! It was delicious and I'm proud of him so I'm sharing hahah😁 #latepost #waybackwednesday #toyesterday #imissyousooomuch😔
I appreciate so much performing at the PCC in the village but I appreciate it way more when others show their appreciation for the talent shared there! Not tryin to toot my own horn.... But this family came up to me at the farmers market today and expressed their feeling on my show yesterday (my last day at work). Apparently, I was their favorite performer! Of course until they saw a cute little girl performing at the lūʻau... I mean come on... Those kids are adorable! Hahah anyhow, they were so kind to me and very excited to show their appreciation. After a long conversation, I just had to take a picture with them :) Love what you do, someone appreciates it👍 PC: Sherelle Piwari #LarsonʻOhana #PCC #hawaiianvillage #toot #toot #greatday
HAUʻOLI LĀ HĀNAU I KOʻU MĀMĀ!!! I wish we had become BEST friends sooner than later. Nonetheless, you were there for me anyways and always... Still are. Ma, you're the best. You understand me in ways that I couldn't have imagined. You love me in ways another woman could never love me... Hahahaha and I love you for that Mum! I've always missed you the most since I left. Of course I missed Layton a whole buttload... But he didn't endure my tantrums, rebellions, and ignorance AND love me through it all. Words can't explain how much I admire, appreciate, and love you. #myteacher #myrock #thecook #thebaker #peacemaker #myshouldertocryon #MYMom #HappyBirthdayYoungFut #ihopeimakeyouproud