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grateful for the chance to travel to both Macau and Taiwan to visit my paternal grandparents, maternal grandma, and my new grandmother-in-law all in one trip. I also got to meet my bear's extended family! 💜 we ate all the things and endured 95% humidity #family #togetherforever
29 💜 thank you to all my friends and loved ones for my birthday wishes! and thanks to my bear for my surprise this morning and our disney date #grateful #blessed #librababy
pretty proud of my birthday chart 🎂🌿 it took me a long time to find a wreath type I liked 🙂 but I also rly hate how my lettering gets shitty when my hand is tired lol #bujo #bulletjournal
having a productive morning with my bullet journal. found inspo for this yearly calendar and just had to do it myself! 🙃 #bujo #bulletjournal
Minnie squad for our last 10k for a while 🎀 thank you girls for always supporting me and cheering me on; even when my mental blocks hold me back. love you to the moon and back ❤️🌙 #rundisney #disneyland10k #disneylandhalfmarathon2017
thanks for having us today, @cats_of_instagram! so excited for everything to come next year 😬😬😼 @eomidi
and also fangirled over this amazing human being @foster_kittens ❤️ you've inspired me so deeply in regards to my passion for animals and helping those that need a little bit of love and cuddles. can't wait to see you next year 😉😬 #catcon #catladies
celebrating 6 (dating) years with this monkey ❤️and we're standing on the spot he proposed! 🙂 love this strong, loyal, loving man forever. I love you, my bear.
picked up only a few things from anime expo this year bc of a disapponting 3.5hr wait to pick up badges. but there seems to be a theme this year: my hero academia 🙂 I love that Eraserhead loves kitties! 😺 (info provided on an extra profile). #bokunoheroacademia
that feeling when you and your bestie do your own makeup for your wedding day, and at the end of the night everything is still immaculate. also peep those target $12 eyelure lashes! 😤😂
MUA: @lenaurena & myself
hair: @beautybypakou
1 month of married bliss with this amazing human being ❤️ looking forward to a lifetime to sharing anime marathons, geeking out, yummy food, travels, and ugly selfies. I love you, my bear. you're my forever #joeyandming
universal studios japan has an anime event going on, and it includes this evangelion vr roller coaster 😱 they provide you with samsung vr sets and your 'plug unit' moves along a roller coaster track. literally so. much. fun. oh and also this $40 popcorn holder that lights up as you open its mouth 🤓
one of my favorite momentos from this trip! osaka castle was beautiful :) also my ass needed that 8 floor stair workout with all the nomz we've been eating!
our dear cousin treated us to a day at Tokyo Disney ❤️ it was crowded bc of golden week, but we still got to see the sights and buy lots of cute trinkets 🙂
right before we got yelled at 😑 lol one piece tower was so much fun and they got so many details perfect! we'll be back to see the attractions whose lines were too long today 🙂 #onepiecetower