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On the way back from BC a month ago, just outside of jasper 😁
|> From that time i was in a helicopter in Houston><British Columbia thanks to DH Manufacturing :) <|
Happy Canada day everyone :) tis a great weekend so far!
>SPRING IN ALBERTA\||/CANADA< I spent part of the afternoon going out in the the great world to take some shots of the last good snowfall we'll have before nice proper weather comes! #explorealberta #explorecanada #snow #draytonvalley #spinter #aprilshowers
Hey Everybody!
So ive been MIA much of the last 2 years, but i pledge to post at least 3 photos a week! I need to get my creatives juices flowing again 🙈😓 ive been so slacky and busy. That stops this week, ill be posting Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays for sure 👍🏻 looking forward to getting back involved in this awesome community i was so in love with back in the day. The community that inspired me to really pursue and fall in love with photography
I need to start taking more photos, ive been so distracted this winter :/ i will start taking more and posting more!
We got snow on Christmas Eve || what is everyone doing this Christmas holidays? :)
Snowy branches over a creek :)
What is everyones plans for christmas? :)
Alberta, Canada in the fall.... its a confusing time!
Oliver checking out his turf, thinking about his dog peoples who worked in the snow long ago || Winter in October in Alberta Canada :)