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shittydj 263w ago
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Fred Lyon’s “Noir” book release reception was really inspiring. To hear him at 93 years old talk about this group of photos taken between 1940-1960 was awesome. Super nice and charming guy.
3 rooms & 2 hotels later i'm finally going to sleep at 1 am not thanks to a giant cockroach and a nacho cheese eating football fan
new addition to my VHS library
"faster than the diarrhea our food gives you" 🌮🌯🚗🏁
i'm available for kid's birthdays and what not 👧🏼🎁🎉🎧🎼
just when i get frustrated with people in SF, i see cute things like this and i fall in love with the city all over again 🐶🚲❤️
I hate puns, but they missed an eggcellent opportunity for one at the store 🛒🥚📝