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Isn't she pretty? Happy 8 months Penny ❤️
Evening fires are best spent with good friends ❤️
Loving the massive pool here at Thousand Trails Harbor View!
Have you ever seen a lake that had a slide? The lake at Thousand Trails Indian Lakes has one!
I do believe this is my favorite campgrounds we've visited thus far. The weather is absolutely beautiful here, and the lake is empty because it's after Labor Day.
Renovating the bunk room was the best thing we have ever done. I #BelieveInSleep again because my kids are actually sleeping thought the night on their #mainstays mattress in their dark room!! Thanks @dhpfurniture and @walmart #ad You can read more about what we did on the blog!
Evenings at Thousand Trails Indian Lakes simply can not be beat.
Carlee has decided she will be an astronaut when she gets older!