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berrics 263w ago
Only 2 posts today, but 2 sick ones! Double dose of First Try Friday with Raymond Molinar and Clint Peterson, and a Pizza Party with Felipe Gustavo. Only at

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When we say Skateboarding is Fun, We mean it. The guys @soursolution seem to live by the same code..👀
♻️:@nisseing @gustavtonnesen @marrekrull @spengan @albertnewcomply @josefskottjatta #skateboarder
@willfyock tackles the Bigspin Kickflip with style and ease..#Trickipedia
#SkateboardingIsFun #Berrics
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Consider #2ClipTuesdays our newest tradition. @alberleandro Mirror tricks on the hubba!🔥
🎥:@pourtash #SkateboardingIsFun
👉Comment who you’d like to see film a #2ClipTuesday👈 #Skateboarding
berrics 10h ago
Small Change is a new full-length by Blake Housenga featuring this ripper @jnowpa
🔥Full video NOW live🔥 👉Link in Bio👈
@smallchangeca #SkateboardingIsFun
berrics 23h ago
Revamping the 2003 @NikeSB Air Zoom FC, The FC Classic Skateboarding Shoe offers the added comfort of Solarsoft technology. Providing plush comfort for all day skating, the drop-in Solarsoft sock liner is designed to maintain optimal flexibility and boardfeel. Available in The
To celebrate @masonsilva’s 🎊21st birthday🎊, here are are 21 bangers(Well 6 but 21 on the site) over the past few years in the park.
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Not everyone gets to skate The Berrics. But everyone can download it through the @trueskateofficial app and virtually cruise the park as long as you would like. 💥Download Link in Bio💥
#SkateboardingIsFun #TrueSkateOfficial
The skateboard world as it exists today🌏
Thank you for the edit @shrimpdaddy 🔥
♻️:@jimmycarlin #SkateboardingIsFun
If you’ve seen @tre_williams skate in person, you already know the control he has on the biggest rails makes every trick look tailor-made just for Tre.💥Bangin💥
🎥: @chaseingabor
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Tre is also featured in the first issue of #BerricsMagazine get your copy in the @berricscanteen TODAY
@mattberger_ Man of grace, making this rail dance look very easy!🕺 We all know flipping out on a round rail is no easy task!
Welcome back to the states Matt.
🎥:🐍@chriscobracole #CobraCam #SkateboardingIsFun
@boojohnson recently dropped some @jhfco hats off in the🔥@berricscanteen🔥 multiple colors to choose from! Get one now! #JustHaveFun #SkateboardingIsFun
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If @cjcollinsskate’s #NextNewWave17 part is not enough for your brain go back and check out his #InTransition part!!
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#SkateboardingIsFun #BerricsMagazine
We are very excited our good friend @fgustavoo has earned his stripes with @adidasskateboarding
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@cjcollinsskate is a part of the #NextNewWave17 and this Is one of the many reasons why...
#SkateboardingIsFun #BerricsMagazine
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Berrics Magazine has launched! Get the first issue, devoted to The #NextNewWave17, in The @berricscanteen today. @cjcollinsskate, kickflip.
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@dashawnjordan’s “WeekENDER”
Peep this textbook lazer flip-backside nosegrind!
@owsla x @sovrnskateboards balances the aesthetic of both brands without becoming heavily weighted on either side. It was a match made in heaven; made here in LA.
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