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danrubin 263w ago
Venice Sunset

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Last month, I borrowed a Fujifilm GFX 50s from my friends at @linhofstudio (lovely people, and experts on medium and large format professional gear) for a 10-day test.

Most of that time was spent in China’s Sichuan province, and I’ll share photos from that trip soon. However, the first morning after picking up the camera I took it out for a dawn test along the Thames Estuary while the tide was out.

These images are 99.9% unedited RAW files. I’ve straightened a few, brightened one slightly, left the white balance as-is, and they all have Lightroom’s default sharpening applied, but otherwise this is how the files look straight out of the camera. (P.S. it also shoots XPan ratio panoramic images without stitching!) Colour me impressed 🙌🏼😍

#gfx #gfx50s #fuji #fujifilm #fujifilmgfx50s
Hazy hotel views, misty hotel blues.

#fujifilm #gfx #gfx50s #vsco #vscox
Tuesday morning before leaving Seattle, the light was the most incredible orange I've seen — the sun forcing its way through the thick smoke from the raging fires in Oregon.

If you're in the PNW, my thoughts are with you and the land — please take care of your lungs, too… #sonyalpha
I know it's supposed to rain all the time in the Pacific Northwest, but in all my visits to Seattle over the last 10 years it's maybe rained twice. I only really know it as this sunny, technicolor city with emerald grass and sapphire water. ✨#leica #leicaq
Found some killer light while exploring Seattle over the weekend with @filmandpixel (shown here with her trusty Leica M6), @alohacrabs, and @atranphoto — shot what should be some nice portraits of all of them on my Pentax 67, can't wait to share those whenever I can get those rolls developed. Nothing quite like a relaxed stroll with cameras and new/old friends.

Haven't even scratched the surface of my shots from Alaska (also loads of film in the queue from that trip — will get it all developed and scanned eventually), focused mostly on a new talk I'm giving tomorrow in Texas at @circlesconf. If you're going, come and say hi! 👋🏼 #leica #leicaq #makeportraits
Trust Iceland to provide of the best, and most understated sunsets I've ever seen.

About to post Stories from the final day of my workshop in Alaska, and slowly starting to review my own images from the week — finding time and focus to shoot while teaching is a special challenge, but I managed to grab a few along the way… excited to show some of those to you soon 🙂 #sonyalpha
Thanks for the amazing weather this week, Reykjavík ✨😎 #leica #leicaq
Caught up with a good friend this afternoon at one of the older cafes in Reykjavík, as the sunshine slowly danced across the room. #shotoniphone
One last shot from the mountains of northeast Austria — posting this from a friend’s couch in Reykjavik, resting after running my 2nd half-marathon yesterday. Feeling insanely lucky that I get to share a photo from Austria while relaxing in Iceland, before heading to Alaska to teach my next workshop. Life’s pretty hectic lately but it’s tough to complain ✌🏼 #fromwhereidrone
Loving this colour on the new Nissan X-Trail — goes well with a bit of mountain dust and dirt, too 😍

#nissan #xtrail @nissaneurope

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That vertical track in the middle was SO steep we didn’t dare drive it — but someone clearly does… 😱

#film #filmisnotdead #believeinfilm #fuji400h #contax #contaxg2 #35mm #35mmfilm
What’s the best parking space you’ve ever found? This is definitely one of mine… 😍

#film #filmisnotdead #believeinfilm #fuji400h #contax #contaxg2 #35mm #35mmfilm