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  Posted: Sep 28, 2012 8:41 PM
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Oh yeah.
  • Hold on, I'm on my way to help you eat that!!

  • That would totally hit the spot right now

  • Mannnn, I wasn't going to go to the fall festival but now I actually have a reason!

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User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Nov 22, 2017 9:57 PM (UTC)
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Lucky you, I have EARLY ACCESS for you, so you can shop this sale NOW (link in profile). It comes with $100 credit to the design store, a super cute advent calendar, vinyl, sketch pens, and did I mention it comes in exclusive colors?! 😱😱😱 #suchagooddeal -- just use code SUGARBEE to get the discount 🙌
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Nov 21, 2017 5:14 AM (UTC)
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I had grand plans to have this year's advent calendar done by now, but... 🤣 So let's just reminisce about last year's for now and aim to finish this year's in between pie eating this week ;) --- All the details are #ontheblog, but they're both super cute felt patterns from @thesugarhouseshop and this year in super excited to have all the supplies in one bundle from @benziedesign so I can just jump right in 🙌 --- do you love #adventcalendar s like I do?? #makersgonnamake #craftallthethings #holidaycrafts #holidaycrafting
THIS is why my machine is my most favorite crafting tool - because it makes crafting on a whim sooooo good 🙌 - info on this cut file, tips on those crisp cuts, and more, over #ontheblog. And insider info, if you too need a silhouette in your life, their black Friday deal is 😱😱😱 AND with my code you *may* get access to it a whole day early, on Wednesday!! 😉 - watch for that info!!
#vinylallthethings #CraftersGonnaCraft #makersgonnamake #craftallthethings
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Nov 13, 2017 10:21 PM (UTC)
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It's #WorldKindnessDay! How are you celebrating? Speaking of kindness, don't you just love the book Wonder?! And YES, @WonderTheMovie finally comes out THIS FRIDAY! I'd love to hear all the ways that you #ChooseKind today. We've been anticipating the release for weeks now - it's a favorite at our house. #WonderTheMovie #AD
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Nov 11, 2017 6:11 PM (UTC)
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Loved using our large chalkboard to encourage my daughter to recognize her self-confidence as we partnered with @SimonKids and the #LittlestBigfootSeries. I asked her to create a list of all the things she loves about herself, and the rest of the family helped by making great suggestions of what we love about her. I love when we can find good books that instill ideas of self-confidence, and The Littlest Bigfoot trilogy series is a great one - it has great girl-power focused content and explores themes of self-love, positive body image, and friendship between girls. Perfect for middle-grade readers aged 8 -12. #middlegrade #bookstagram
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Nov 4, 2017 4:33 PM (UTC)
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Pull this cute fall craft together and give yourself a place to display a photo of who you're thankful for this fall season. As an #AdobePartner, I used the new Photoshop Elements 2018 to quickly and easily create this watercolor (see the quick steps below!) Go to Guided Mode in Photoshop Elements 2018
Select Watercolor Effect in the Special Edits section
From there, you can choose your watercolor effect, paper overlay, and canvas texture to apply to your photo
It's so fun to see all the things you can do with photos! Don't forget to grab your FREE trial of the new software!
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Nov 1, 2017 10:06 PM (UTC)
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Pom pom dreams CAN come true. 😍😍😍- big thanks to all you that cheered this tree on! The big reveal is up #ontheblog today, you don't want to miss it. --Are you a themed tree person or do you go for the random ornaments from all the kiddos?? #MichaelsMakers #DreamTreeChallenge
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Nov 1, 2017 3:21 PM (UTC)
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Good thing I'm obsessed with ordering from @Amazon - with boxes coming pretty much every day, it gives us lots of blank slates for costume creation this Halloween! #ad These dice turned out sooooo cute (and it's a throwback - I was a dice when I was little too!!) Hashtag your #Boxtumes box costume photos this Halloween to share what you create! What will you make?? #HandmadeHalloween #AmazonPrime
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Oct 31, 2017 12:57 PM (UTC)
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Another year, another thrown-together family costume 🙌 ("fine, I'll be a scarecrow if I can be a scary one" - 8 yr old boys 🤣) #familycostume #handmadecostume #handmadehalloween
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Oct 30, 2017 7:12 PM (UTC)
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Trying to keep kiddos occupied while they wait until it's FINALLY time to trick-or-treat? Eyeball Slime to the rescue!! #halloweenslime #googlyeyes #craftallthethings
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Oct 30, 2017 3:05 AM (UTC)
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Perfect solution for a new fun Christmas tradition for your family! I know it's early to talk Christmas, but go ahead and order you #LittleLamb now so that you're ready🙌 -- learn more at or purchase it at #christmastradition #ad #familyfun
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Oct 29, 2017 2:38 AM (UTC)
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Here's to having kiddos that can make their own costumes 🙌 (and rope their friends into doing the same 🤣) #tweencostume #mandms #handmadecostume #handmadehalloween
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Oct 26, 2017 12:50 AM (UTC)
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Why give out candy when you can give out Glitter Pumpkin Slime?! my kids are addicted and making all.the.slimes! #glitterslime #handmadehalloween #craftallthethings --- have you tried making Slime yet??
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Oct 24, 2017 12:45 AM (UTC)
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this is pretty much fall string art perfection 😍 😍 😍 yet another reason why I LOVE craft club - everyone comes up with such great project ideas! --- details of this and tons more fall string art ideas are #ontheblog, just search for it 👊
#stringart #makersgonnamake #craftallthethings #falldecor #fallcrafts #bikebasket
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Oct 23, 2017 12:17 PM (UTC)
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Pom pom production is in full force 👊 - but it's going to take awhile lot to fill up a whole tree! So I thought I'd be fun to make this a group effort - if you're up for making a handful of pom poms and sending them in to me for me to add to the #dreamtreechallenge, message me and I'll get you the info! ( The only trick is that I would need them by Monday 😱)
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Oct 19, 2017 2:14 PM (UTC)
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You've gone to all that work pulling those costumes together, don't ruin your pics with a boring background! Over #ontheblog I show you a super easy way to swap the background of a photo 🙌 #AdobePartner #familyhalloweencostumes #handmadecostume --- Have you planned your costumes for this year yet?? We're still debating!!
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Oct 18, 2017 2:32 AM (UTC)
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Costumes are funner in pairs🙌 #lemonlime --- better tag that friend that you want to be costume buddies with ;) #handmadecostume #makersgonnamake (using @aleenesdiy fabric glue, this is an easy no sew project, wahoo!!)
I heard it was #bossday, so I gave myself the gift of a morning craft break and whipped up this mug 😍😍😍, take that #Monday! 👊
#craftallthethings #craftsofinstagram #vinylallthethings
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Sep 28, 2017 4:13 AM (UTC)
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Standard answer for homework woes 🤣 But really, ask Google Home, my kids are obsessed with finding out everything she knows. That and playing trivia ;) #giftfromgoogle #idkgoogleit --- have you tried out Google Home yet???
User Image sugarbeecrafts Posted: Sep 25, 2017 1:20 PM (UTC)
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Hexagon tiles + B&W color pop = dreamiest diy coasters ever 😍😍😍 All the details on how to make these coasters (great gift idea!) AND a super quick way to achieve color pop with #photoshopelements, over on the blog 👊 ( including a link to a FREE trial of Photoshop Elements 😱) --- what is your go-to handmade gift idea??
#handmadegift #craftallthethings #makersgonnamake