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Love the March Glambag Goodies! Perfect highlighter, and I looove the NYX Butter lipstick! @ipsy #ipsy #marchglambag
The best little sister in the world!
My Mom's sister up for a family funeral last week, now dealing with her own problems. Prayers needed! P.S. Can I just say finally & ty to instagram on Android!!
Meet Duchess Diane "Duchess". This is *my* dog! She adores me like the sun shining through the clouds after a spring shower. It's actually a lot to live up to. Since I've been sick and in bed all the time, she will hear me call for my significant other before he does (doggie hearing) and runs out to the living room and barks once and stares at him until he gets up to check on me. I'm more of a cat person, but I LOVE THIS DOG!!!
Liadin, she was barely 4 weeks old when we adopted her from the Hurricane Katrina mess. She still doesn't like thunderstorms! #dog #Liadin #shepherd #belgianmalinois #Mali
Are you talking to me? After the humiliation of the "bath" you just put me through? Talk to the paw!