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  Posted: Sep 28, 2012 4:11 AM FEED
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Yay for Baby Henry! Auntie Margaret loves you! Happy Christening Day! 💖✝️💖 [And then he started crying 😬 whoops] @omgitsarianne
With my forever date @bigezymac 👫on this ÜBER lucky Friday the 13th. Cheers to the #happygailmors!
🌱 3 years of marriage, 8 years of dates, countless concerts and shows, 1 Super Bowl win, what feels like 💯 weddings for phenomenal friends, 2 renovations and houses, 6 jobs, 1 🐶 and #abfab road trips near and far. Seaux far seaux good. Looking forward to all the adventures yet to come with you. 🌱 xoxox
🎶 The dew is hanging diamonds on the clover, the moon is listening to the nightingale, and while we are lost in dreams the world around us seems, like a Louisiana fairytale. The breeze is softly singing through the willows, as hand in hand we stroll along the trail, and love is at its height enchanting us tonight, like a Louisiana fairytale. Keep dreaming with your head upon my shoulder, and don't awake until the stars grow pale, the world is at our feet the picture is complete, like a Louisiana fairytale. 🎶
- Fats Waller
#yearthree #happyanniversary #honeysweet #neworleans #fairytale 🌞🌛✨💫💛🔸