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It’s the same drive that keeps me opening restaurants that gets me out on the rocks... Sleepless nights have me thinking about Jeeping adventures. This shot was from my last run to Little Devils Peak, there is a two step waterfall that was just right for the JKU’s 116 inch wheelbase.. you can see a helping hand keeping me from leaning in to far,front left tire was about 5 feet off the ground. #battlebornjeeps #warmachines702 #jeepjku #littledevil #puckerup photo credit @hayleyydaily
2017 ** The most important thoughts for me have revolved around approach, perspective, mentality and process. Mindset is the greatest determining factor in results, system adherence dictates timelines to becoming a lifestyle choice. #cultureandstandards #mentalitymanagement #architecturephotography
Right after this photograph was taken today today we had an employee suffer a tragic loss, being that close to emotion that strong reminded me of how tough life can be and how blessed I have been the past few years. Getting through the first services are a milestone, blessed to have that opportunity as well. @internationalsmoke #minamoments #cultureandstandards
Amazing energy in the room yesterday for #cultureandstandards training at @calmare_la with @chef.joe.sasto & cameo appearances by @wrcrandall & @denden1183 .. Hospitality & Culinary arts are what you experience in our restaurants but the cultural and operational foundation is what supports the process.. #minamoments #calmare
From one block to the next LA delivers crazy texture. The skyline isn’t comparable to some of our other major metropolitan areas but the street level character has no comparison. This #artdeco building is smashed between a low budget apartment building and an alley that looked ripe for a drive-by shooting. #latenight #constitutional
The spirit of a team is rooted in the faith of its champions and the belief system used to guide each choice. First day in the space with the full team and I can tell @internationalsmoke is going to be a special place. Can’t wait to get firing on all cylinders. #internationalsmoke #pikachuonhotappetizer #minamoments
Day two on property at @internationalsmoke so far we’ve done a tailgate takeover @bourbonsteakpub for 1000 or so guests, a Chef lunch at @alexanderssteakhouse.sf with @creekstone_farms and turned over a kitchen in preparation for next weeks on-boarding and orientation of the new Team. @jsmcmillan & @ciaporkchop are killing it.. The cleanliness and authenticity of the food program is really inspiring. #bbq🍖 #minamoments #internationalsmoke
User Image gary_fx_lamorte Posted: Oct 22, 2017 6:44 PM (UTC)
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@ayeshacurry always finds a moment for education, and maybe some fun.. #anatomy of a lobster @chefmichaelmina @bourbonsteakpub Good to back with the team !! @marioche83 @chefgeraldchin
Red spined barrel cactus, found on two leaf trail broken & dehydrated. Less than a week of fresh soil, water & sunshine to bounce back. Nevada has more desert and is the driest state in the country with average rainfall of only 7 inches. #resilience #battlebornagain #cactusgram #cactusrescue
I've always been enamored with the support of the hospitality community here in Las Vegas. However it's only I now after the tumultuous events of the past few weeks that we realize our substance is much more than just a tightly knit network of peers. Experiencing the stories and watching the shared strengths of our capacity to give is truly inspiring. Proud to be a part of it. Now get over to @stripsteaklv and try @katie_kakes_ delicious pumpkin Trio !!
@mandalaybay has been and will continue to be a great part of the hospitality community here in Vegas. I know I'll be there this week to support the teams and as a sign of solidarity ask you to think about doing the same. It's important we keep the energy #aligned and moving in the right direction. #battleborn @stripsteaklv #minamoments