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  Posted: Sep 27, 2012 9:18 PM FEED
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natgeo 5y ago
David Alan Harvey. #Rio de Janeiro. You can buy almost anything from a vendor along the 50-plus miles of Rio #beaches- popsicles, balls, cover-ups emblazoned with the city's statue of #Christ the Redeemer, the magnets shown here, and more. Photo by @davidalanharvey.
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  • @tiigerlily I'm bringing you and your sister that whole tray of souvenir crabs haha

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  • @mamiglino agreed!!! It's a cultural thing. Women of all ages and sizes where bikinis like this in #brazil. It's culture- embrace life as it is. The picture is still a great picture

  • Nice butt!!

  • @jasontmcdaniel I think you ate the one who should learn a bit more...there is no standard definition for the number of continents. And term continent is used to differentiate between the various large areas of the earth into which the land surface is divided. So, a continent is "a large, continuous area of land on Earth.. And if you consider Antarctica yes it it's six... I can count you unpolite guy!!! besides you know the reason why Olympics have 5 rings on its symbol??? They represent the five habitated continents

  • @kmstep see above what I wrote

  • Girl is badass

  • She just happened to be there ;)

  • @danegerous713 please read my answer above about the continents ... Yes @tatiav I know they learn NAmerica and S America are different continents... And with this view they forget Central America hahahah

  • I didn't even read the description of this pic and I knew right away it was Rio, my fav city in the whole world!!!

  • @macfaga ok I understand your point but that certainly doesn't include Central America as a continent because it is attached to North America, there is nothing separating it such as mountains or water

  • @danegerous713 Yeap I understand you point too. It's just different ways of learning and there isn't a standard definition..😍

  • j6aily 5y ago

    @reneesaucygirl i mean chaabay !

  • Gorgeous

  • Brasiiiilllllll

  • OK, who is not looking at the girl?

  • Haha.. That butt got me first!

  • jmnic 5y ago

    What are we looking at again?

  • booty!!

  • Background very cool

  • @artfakeme me too! Haha

  • Is that a dude in a bikini wtf!

  • @macfaga ta mandando mto bem!! 👏👍

  • @mnailuj @alebreve @dinoberen @nperezb @alberto_nunez estos camarones son a toda raja

  • I'm with you @justcourtneyleigh If I had an arse like that I would be flaunting it in as many photos as possible! She has a glorious bum!! Though its hardly the sole point of the photo- try to look beyond your own ignorance people.

  • Nice background pic ..

  • Love my home Brazil!

  • fucking stupid and disrespectful photographer: brazilian woman are not for sale! National Geographic should punished you for such a tendencious photo.

  • Mr. Harvey can buy anything anywhere.

  • Seiously, it wasn't the magnets that caught my attention...

  • @phtafner You really are an idiot

  • First of all, that photo is obviously intentional, with that girl on the background, second a picture can say a thousand words, and this says a lot from the photographer David Alan Harvey and #natgeo , an organization that has always been know for telling great stories from one picture and the commentary from the photographer was even worse. Their is a subliminal message with very bad taste. I'm not from Brazil and I feel offended, can't imagine what the people from Brazil feel about this....

  • I second that @ianbrave. I've been to Brazil and hold it dear in my heart. This is junk.

  • @phtafner exactly!!!

  • @danilorassi 😍😍tks :))

  • emtiph 5y ago


  • That butt ;P

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • disrepectful comment by natgeo to the girl. That is the bikini that people use when they are confortable with their bodies . she is not for sale.

  • Not fair!

  • I see what you did there

  • Hehehe 👍indeed @ahojis

  • I'm sure he wasn't aiming at the food.....

  • Dat

  • hha000 5y ago

    @ajalaali hmmmmm

  • There's one for u @careywatkins

  • Love the colors

  • All as i can see is bum

  • Subliminal message in the photographers description?!? What....?! Now you're really reaching! Talk about scrutinize for a negative peeps! He's talking specifically about the vendors!!

  • When I was there I especially enjoyed the guy selling ice cold cans of beer for 30p (UK) - good times!!

  • @davidalanharvey should work for playboy not @natgeo #sexy

  • @davidalanharvey Visit a Venezuelan beach ;-)

  • Oo

  • @shab2050 lovely...

  • mmm3_ 5y ago


  • Love the colors & curves of this pic. I see some find this offensive and I don't see why. U can see such attire on almost every tourist photos and videos. If they like to wear like that to be seen in public, what problem is it of yours eh? U can't condemn one photographer for taking a pic which he finds tasteful with which u find distasteful. She looked great and the 2piece compliments her. Slow down on those coke and chips maybe, and u may look great too. 😊

  • Classic.

  • @reza_fahlavy whats offensive is not the picture is to tell that u can buy anything and show that picture.

  • Hahaha I love this photo! @natgeo I love you - you entertain and make me smile every day :D

  • @luismendezjr you are hilarious!

  • @phtafner it says you can buy anything from the vendor. V.E.N.D.O.R. :)

  • Didn't mean it that way @phtafner coz I'm sure that ur very intelligent and a good photographer yrself from the pics ive seen in ur feed. I have to spell it out for u cuz u seem to have missed that part of Nat Geo's captions. Good to be anti-prostitution in a way that u and many others creates a balance on this earth, but don't put that agenda into this photo. The foreground is the vendor and that's what he's talking about. The background is the girl probably to compliment the foreground in the photographers eye. That's how he sees it. That's how he wants the photo to be. It doesn't say prostitution anyway in the photo or captions. U put it there.

  • Incrível como a referencia sempre é uma "bunda"!!! Isso é triste....

  • @reza_fahlavy I'm not putting any agenda here and i don't feel that innocence in the photographer intention. He is using a problematic in brazil and causing a wrong generalization which offends brazilian people. I don't think we will get in a single one conclusion anyway. Thks for compliments in my photos.

  • That is true, @phtafner I don't think that we can. Different people sees things differently and no one can please each and every one. Ur welcome. 😊

  • You can find vendors like him in almost every beach in Venezuela too

  • @camilomsouza bom dia ! Concordo ! Eu coloquei vários emociona aqui demonstrando que nao curti e fiquei triste ...ele apagou todas as vezes ...coloquei em português , ele nao respondeu ....acho que ele nao sabe português ...😉

  • Ocean boooooooty!!!! Lol

  • @cafesdomundo é triste mesmo, mas infelizmente é a visão que ainda têm daqui....

  • @jcal1985 look at the ocean babe ;-)

  • @cpanj were you talking to me????

  • @phtafner i agree!! Did you see i was arguing? Some people were refering to brazilians as prostitutes.. Some stupid girls that know nothing besides their mirrors and iPhone.

  • yoooooooo))))☀🌊🌀

  • I only realize later that u were in the same front with me haha but i saw what those jerk girls wrote, i don't think that exist a reasonable answer for then. People have no sense of perception, they just cant think. @macfaga

  • 📷🆒

  • cpanj 5y ago

    Figure it out. Smarty pants. @macfaga

  • You are pathetic!!!! Hahahahah first of all you need to learn how to write on instagram ... After that maybe you can learn geography yourself... I'm not going to explain all again what I said... Maybe you could read above and stop talking shit cause I'm not gonna waist my time with a waisted girl

  • @phtafner look at this

  • Yeah such an asshole and she really thinks she is coool. I just can laugh from these people hahahaha @macfaga

  • I think people are reading into this way too much. I think it's a beautiful photo period.

  • What's nice? The blue pants, sunbath-er, souvenirs, girl in bikini or the beach? @david_steve 😜😝

  • Ofcourse the beach @allexandraverona

  • Its hard to believe this picture is really about the vendors in Rio. Nice try though.

  • Those crabs!

  • @phtafner Why don't you take a stand on a real issue instead of making an issue where there is none?! To be honest, I didn't even notice the butt til I read a comment referring to it!

  • @mrs_bungle78 I am not going to argue with you. I dont think it worth. because, first: u dont have even one single argument to discuss. Second: u just dont seen to think u just react in a way that u believe u are superior from everyone, "u are the truth" and i am not saying that to provoke you or anything i am just saying that u should think - even if is soooo hard to do it- please try, and you will understand something before u go and disrespect people. And just for the record WHO THE HELL U THINK U ARE TO TELL ME WHAT SHOULD I DO? And it doesn't matter anyway...

  • Peace guys

  • That bottom! 😳😊

  • @phtafner That's right! I don't have an argument! It's a beautiful photo of a beautiful place- end of story!! You're the one arguing & telling everyone what to do/think. BTW, you may want to invest in a dictionary?!

  • Please read again what i really wrote so u wont say i did things i didn't once more. @mrs_bungle78

  • @phtafner You said that the photographer was calling every Brazilian woman a prostitute- your words not mine. You also said that we were all too stupid to realise this! Maybe YOU should re-read your comments, along with the photographers-cos he doesn't mention prostitution at all. You put that there, so maybe you should get your head out of the gutter! Game over, thanks for coming, I'm done! Don't bother to reply cos it's impossible to argue with a narrow minded twit who insists on speaking English even though he can't!

  • @phtafner U need to chill

  • I dont know what happened but my answers to you dont go anymore - i think u are happy now hahaha- anyone i dont agree about u are saying however i dont have how to defend my self anymore, so you got it ur game over, unfair but thats life.

  • To Mrs Bungle ^

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  • Yo quiero estar ahì!!!

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  • They always be trying to sell you shit when your just trying to enjoy the view!

  • Well, working is better than stealing

  • And u can also enjoy the view!

  • What you say bout this miss Jamie of the jungle!! Gotta get me to the jungle and ubatuba in 2013

  • A bunda é esta Dedé @andreaalvares! Nada demais!!! O povo é que é neurótico...

  • Butt hanging out. That's just wroooooong

  • jtk076 5y ago


  • @lau_doc jajajajaja ella no pierde ;)

  • Is that a guy wearing a bikini on the right haha?

  • Look on the left 😋😋😋

  • @m_sheer ana legata

  • No don't put this picture

  • igorpp 4y ago

    @yumis_mimi é dessa que você quer? RS!

  • Kkkkkkk! @igorpp eu quero pacote completo! 😜

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natgeo 59m ago
Video @michaelchristopherbrown.
Men dance in competition during the 2017 Oglala Lakota Nation Wacipi Rodeo Fair Pow Wow, held annually on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I spent part of this summer photographing over a dozen Indian reservations in the American West, searching to photograph the beauty and complexities of these communities and lands, the symbols of both tribal success as well as issues perennially facing the tribes. I grew up near several reservations in Washington State though knew very little about them, a common experience for many Americans. During this trip I was struck by the indigenous stewardship to the land, from the elders to the seventh generation water protectors, of taking responsibility for what we are taking out of and putting into the earth, actively keeping track of it as a community and actively fighting for it. This stewardship goes back thousands of years, an egalitarian society where individual wealth was measured not by what was saved but by what was given away.
Posted: Oct 20, 2017 7:47 PM
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natgeo 2h ago
Images by @joelsartore | For thousands of creatures living on Earth, time is running out. That’s why the National Geographic Society has partnered with the Zoological Society of London to launch the Photo Ark EDGE Fellowship. The fellowship focuses on Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) species and kicks off with these five unique creatures: the Antillean manatee (photographed at the @Dallas_World_Aquarium), Baird’s tapir (photographed at @theomahazoo), the giant anteater (photographed at the Caldwell Zoo), the hawksbill turtle (photographed in Xcaret, Mexico), and the volcano rabbit (photographed at the Chapultepec Zoo). These species are the subject of conservation efforts by our first fellowship candidates in Latin America. Each species has been featured in the National Geographic Photo Ark, a flagship program of the National Geographic Society founded by National Geographic photographer @JoelSartore. Once selected, the final Photo Ark EDGE fellows will undertake a 2-year fellowship project to help protect their focal species. The fellowships will leverage the power of Sartore’s captivating portraits to bring attention to the global extinction crisis and will help put effective tools in the hands of conservationists working to turn the tide for species at risk. Learn more about these species and the people working to save them by clicking the link @joelsartore’s bio. #PhotoArk
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natgeo 4h ago
Photograph by @michaelnicknichols | Jane Goodall and Jou Jou, chimpanzee at Brazzaville Zoo, Republic of Congo, 1990. I (@michaelnicknichols) grew up with Jane Goodall, Flo, Flint and Greybeard on the pages of National Geographic magazine in the 1960’s, and wildly came to photograph Fifi, Frodo, Freud and Jane in the 1990’s. Jane and I collaborated on the book Brutal Kinship, bringing to light the disappearing terrain chimpanzees relied on to live, and how we humans cruelly and without irony used our closest relative as stand-in surrogates for space exploration, HIV and hepatitis research, language studies, and entertainment.
Jane, 83, is still at it, traveling nonstop on her mission. She recently closed my exhibit WILD at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with a talk that brought me and the entire house to tears.
Opening in theaters today is a masterpiece film by Brett Morgen. #JANE is an intense love story made from footage literally found in the NatGeo HQ basement from legendary Dutch filmmaker Hugo van Lawick, and includes a beautiful score by ‪Philip Glass‬. This is far more revealing than any huge budget biopic could ever hope to match. #JANE
Posted: Oct 20, 2017 4:29 PM
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natgeo 5h ago
Photo by @gabrielegalimbertiphoto /// Three young Maasai photographed along the street A104 between Arusha and the Tarangire National Park. Traditional Maasai lifestyle centers around their cattle which constitute their primary source of food. Every morning the children are in charge of bringing the cattles outside of the village and then to bring them back inside before the sunset #tanzania #africa #maasai #children #cuttle #tradition #tarangire #arusha
Posted: Oct 20, 2017 2:31 PM
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natgeo 7h ago
Photograph by David Chancellor @chancellordavid having a chat with the local wildlife, in this case a baboon at Mpala research centre, northern Kenya - Mpala lies beneath the shadow of Mt Kenya, in the heart of central Kenya’s Laikipia County, it is strongly committed to using research to benefit the surrounding communities, the nation of Kenya, and global conservation efforts as a whole. It hosts multiple educational outreach programs in order to tackle issues of human-wildlife conflict and thus ensure that both conservation and human livelihood goals are met. I’m delighted to be working with Mpala and will be bringing stories from here to the outside world over the next months. To see more from Mpala follow me here @chancellordavid and @natgeo and Mpala @mpalalive #fightingextinction #conservation #everydayextinction #africa #Kenya #wildlife #conserving #conservation #stoppoaching #endextinction #elephant #ivory #rhino #northernkenya #Kenya #africa
Posted: Oct 20, 2017 1:52 PM
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natgeo 8h ago
Photo by @paleyphoto (Matthieu Paley). Yoga with goats, who would have thought? Some participants say they experience a calming effect, the "goat factor” acting as a psychological help, driving the attention away from trying to perfect that pose... Here at the Mountain Flower Dairy Farm in Boulder (Colorado, USA), a practitioner gets into Savasana pose at the end of her class. And yes, it took place in the goat pen. Reducing stress level is a major factor in bringing a higher level of happiness in one’s life - there are many receipes to feeling happy, some are external to your life, some you can control. See a story on Happiness worldwide, coming out this month in @natgeo and follow me on @paleyphoto as I explore this topic on my Instagram feed. @natgeocreative #yoga #happiness #boulder
Posted: Oct 20, 2017 11:42 AM
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natgeo 10h ago
Go beyond her work, into her world. JANE, a film about Dr. Jane Goodall is in theaters now. Head to to find a screening near you. #JANE
natgeo 12h ago
Photo by @ciriljazbec / Earlier this year I did my fifth trip to Greenland, a place on the Earth that never ceases to amaze me. This time I travelled to Qaanaaq and Siorapaluk, the world’s northernmost settlements to investigate how climate change has affected the lives of indigenous people, the community of around 700 Inughuits which in spite of several alarming climate and cultural threats persists with the traditional age-old way of hunting. These people are on the frontier of the climate change that is eventually going to affect us all. On the picture, you can see Qaanaaq and a frozen fjord in the back. Have a look at more work from this trip @ciriljazbec
#Arctic #Greenland #climatechange @natgeo
natgeo 13h ago
Photographer @thomaspeschak on assignment for @natgeo shooting blacktip reef sharks in the near pristine waters of Aldabra Atoll #seychelles. "Hanging out with these sharks of the shallows is still one of my all-time favorite wildlife encounters. They are so inquisitive and curious. Video shot by my fantastic assistant Otto. Please follow him @ottowhitehead for more behind the scenes videos."
natgeo 15h ago
Photograph by Stefano Unterthiner @stefanounterthiner.

It’s time to play for this female red-necked wallaby and her joey. I enjoyed to watch and photograph this beautiful macropod, found in the forests throughout coastal and highland of eastern Australia. Shot on assignment for @natgeo.
Follow me @stefanounterthiner to see more images from my work with @natgeo.
#mother #Australia #play #young #time
Botswana Posted: Oct 20, 2017 3:22 AM
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natgeo 18h ago
Photo by @FransLanting A ribbon of water winds across dry plains surrounding Botswana’s Okavango Delta as morning mist shrouds the contours of the landscape. The delta is an intricate tapestry of dry land and wet land, with ever shifting boundaries defined by the ebb and flow of water. Fed by a river that begins a thousand miles away in the highlands of Angola, the delta spreads out across the Kalahari Desert sands of northern Botswana. The miracle of water in the desert attracts multitudes of animals from antelopes to elephants. The delta became a World Heritage Site in 2014, but its future is by no means secure. Read the story in the November issue of @NatGeo to learn more. This image is featured in our new book, “Into Africa,” which is based on our National Geographic exhibition, also entitled “Into Africa,” currently on display at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History through October 22. Follow me @FransLanting for more images from Africa. 
@natgeotravel @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @IntoTheOkavango #Botswana #Okavango #WorldHeritageSite #Nature #Dawn #Explore #Miracle #Safari #Conservation
Posted: Oct 20, 2017 12:36 AM
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natgeo 21h ago
Photo by @katieorlinsky. Horses on Arapaho Nation reservation land in Wyoming, USA. The Arapaho are one of nearly a dozen tribes fighting against the White House overhaul of the Endangered Species Act, which has saved more than 200 species from extinction. Shot #onassignment for @natgeo article "Inside the Effort to Kill Protections for Endangered Animals."
Posted: Oct 19, 2017 9:46 PM
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natgeo 1d ago
Photo by @andreabruce In an Indian village where malnutrition is common, a child sleeps in a swing made from a scarf.
When I covered the issue of sanitation and open defecation for the August issue of National Geographic, the village of Peepli Kheera in India had only one toilet, kept under lock and key by one family. The entire community defecated outside. Men in the fields on one side of the village, women on the other. I revisited the village last month and saw several toilets being built by the government — though building them is only part of the battle.
About half of Indians defecate outside without using toilets. Children pick up parasites and chronic infections that impair the ability of the intestines to absorb nutrients — 117,000 Indian children die each year from diarrhea related to this, according to UNICEF. #india #sanitation #children @noorimages
Posted: Oct 19, 2017 7:30 PM
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natgeo 1d ago
Video by @paulnicklen // The secret life of an American crocodile in the mangrove forests of the Gardens of the Queen, Cuba. I am fascinated by large crocodiles, but I have never had the opportunity to swim with them. These crocs came and went from the shelter of the mangroves to the seagrass beds in the estuaries. They were graceful, intelligent and are an indicator of a healthy ecosystem. Please #followme on @paulnicklen to see a large croc get really close and personal with my friend, @andy_mann. On assignment with @cristinamittermeier for @sea_legacy in Cuba. #turningthetide #adventure #explorationwithpurpose #nature #naturelovers #video
Posted: Oct 19, 2017 4:57 PM
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natgeo 1d ago
Photo: @andy_mann // Caribbean Reef Sharks and Southern Stingrays cruise the Bahamian mangrove channels at high tide as nutrient rich water brings in baitfish and invertebrates to feed on. These channels fill with often 5 different species of shark at a time throughout the day as each pay visit to the shallows for food. Sharks can breath easier in the Bahamas since the government banned all commercial shark fishing in country waters in 2011. I recently returned from an eye-opening expedition with @sea_legacy to Gardens of the Queen, Cuba learning how a healthy & pristine carribean ecosystem should function and look like. please #followme @andy_mann to see five different species of shark flood this small channel at sunset.
natgeo 1d ago
Photo by @BrianSkerry.
A leatherback sea turtle crawls back to the sea after laying her eggs on the beach at Sandy Point, located on the island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. Listed as vulnerable, this species of sea turtle has an ancestry that dates back more than 100 million years. Today they face a number of anthropogenic stresses - including entanglement in fishing gear, poaching and climate change - which affects the sex of turtle hatchlings. Sandy Point is a National Wildlife Refuge, managed by the US Fish & Wildlife Service who are responsible for protecting these nesting beaches. The combination of conservation efforts here and in the nearby Buck Island Reef National Monument have benefitted sea turtle species in this region.

I made this photo under moonlight at 2am, after weeks of working at night on these beaches. Being in this place with these ancient animals was like traveling back in time to a primordial Earth.

This picture won first place in the Reptiles and Amphibians Category of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition on October 17th in London.

Photographed for the February 2017 cover story in @natgeo about saving our oceans.

To see more ocean wildlife photos and read the stories behind them, follow me - @BrianSkerry - on Instagram.
#WPY53 #conservation #climatechange #seaturtle #travelphoto #follow #travelphotography #photography #naturephotography #turtle #cute #longexposure #followme #natgeo #stcroix #usvi #caribbean #ocean #beach #turle #sea #climate #nightphoto #night
natgeo 1d ago
Photo by @stephenwilkes. On this day in 1697 one of Italy’s greatest painters was born, Giovanni Antonio Canal, better known as Canaletto.  His paintings have inspired generations, and were daily inspiration when we created the Day to Night Venice photographs.  Canaletto is known for his extraordinary cityscapes capturing intimate city views of Venice.  In honor his birthday, I wanted to share my photograph of Campanile di San Marco, Venice. To see more of my work please follow me @stephenwilkes #canaletto #italy #venice #painting  #art #photography #daytonight #stephenwilkes #birthday #campaniledisanmarco
Posted: Oct 19, 2017 9:33 AM
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natgeo 1d ago
Photograph by @thomaspeschak A northern elephant seal pup curiously inspects its reflection in the glass dome of my underwater camera. Once hunted to near extinction in Pacific Mexico, today the species has made a remarkable conservation comeback. Reserves now offer sanctuary where this once nearly extinct species can reproduce and thrive. Shot #onassignment for @natgeo in collaboration with @maresmexicanos
Posted: Oct 19, 2017 6:55 AM
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natgeo 1d ago
Photo by @mmuheisen (Muhammed Muheisen) Refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan play with a ball outside abandoned warehouses where they took refuge in Belgrade, Serbia. For more photos of the refugee crisis follow @mmuheisen and @everydayrefugees #everydayrefugees #muhammedmuheisen
Posted: Oct 19, 2017 4:10 AM
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natgeo 1d ago
Photo by @amivitale. A young #elephant calf seeks shelter under his mother in the #Grumeti Reserves, a conservatory adjacent to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The Grumeti Reserves are an integral part of the #Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem, the home of the Great Migration. Young calves go under their mothers for a feeling of protection and comfort and, of course, to nurse.

#saveelephants #stoppoaching #africa #everydayafrica #photojournalism #amivitale @natgeocreative @thephotosociety