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Just got a quiz back.... #fail

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Like damnnn, you had to say it that loud though?! 🙄😂
No theatrics today, just me. I take a lot of photos, some call it narcissistic, I call it self-love. There was a time when I didn't want to see me, now I celebrate. My own #wcw today ❤
Made it through this lonnnng Monday in 1 piece #hallelujah
On days when I just don't feel like it (i.e. today) I'm just extra AF with my hair, makeup, outfit, etc. etc. to make me look how I want to feel. Try it, it works. 😘 #EverTheMonday
Homecoming was everything from start to finish! Old friends, memories, laughter, food, partying, dranks,round-table discussions😭, specials guests, itineraries😂😂😂... the best ❤ #MSUHC2K17 #TrippinTrippinSis 🐻🔸🔹
Brunch with friends, we threw down! Toasting to good times, memories and how we getting old and don't relate to these "new" college kids 😅😂😂😂😎 #MSUHC2K17 #MSU150 #Friends
It's been 5 long years, but I'm coming back to where it all started Morgan State. This weekend will go down in history 😎. #MSUHC2K17 #MorganAt150 🐻🔶🔷