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trusznews 263w ago
The lanes at The Red Rock in Las Vegas

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Good morning world. Wake up today and make it your B**** ! You are only one workout away from a great day.
What do two crazy people do when these masks are around? Put them on and selfie, of course.
To make " It " happen you need to put in the time, break a sweat and work your ass of for it.

Planks are the resting position for our crew at the original Triple Threat Class on the OBX.
Who smile the most?
This woman, hands down.
What will you do today to make yourself better than yesterday?

Rise N Grind on top of Jockeys Ridge.
We were dancing with the Devil under the pale moonlight.

#Fitfam #OBX
Ran a great 5K today and followed that up with a great cup of Joe. #BrooksChallenge and @brooksrunning
We are making Fit happen before the sun shines down on the beach.

Have an awesome day.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”
Me and my man trotting down Back Street in Ocracoke, NC.
#OBX #Fitfam
You have to love and appreciate those chill days on the beach with your friends. Nothing compares to it.
#pimp #OBX
The road less traveled can often be a beautiful thing.

Pounding some sand!

Start your day off strong and make a change for the better.