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  Posted: Sep 26, 2012 11:11 PM FEED
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being nine months pregnant makes little things like giving my toddler a bath quite difficult. 🐳
  • Your so close!! She is adorable!!!

  • Aww! I can imagine! Can you get in with her?

  • I can only imagine! Xoxo

  • jlln 5y ago

    I don't think a lot of babies cuteness comes close to mine, but bird has got it! She's such a doll.

  • Are you still able to sleep? Hang in there

  • I can definitely empathize! That's why I made my husband do it when I was pregnant with my second :)

  • @danniremender some nights yes, some nights no. last night was sadly a no. ::yawn::

  • I've been there, my littlest are 16 months apart. Hang in there mama!

  • That faucet cover just reminded me of my childhood! 😊🐳

  • @missdarlingclementine i could but getting out would probably be quite difficult as well. the husband is working tonight so i am playing it safe from the side lines. :)

  • I use a hose on days I just don't wanna do baths for the kids. I call them summer showers. Good enough for me!

  • @bleubird oh lovely lady! Do what you can, don't bend over too much. A dirty birdie is still a sweet birdie! Xx

  • What a doll 💛

  • @kaseygentry Hahahahaha that is so awesome! 👏

  • Hope you get to meet your new babe soon!

  • I remember that :/

  • Gosh I'm not pregnant and I think it's difficult. Maybe that's why she 5 and we mostly still shower together:)

  • I totally know how you feel! I just had my baby three days ago and I love how easily I can get around now. I feel 100 times better ☺ xx

  • I remember being 9 months and feeling like I was 15 months pregnant. You are so close, though!

  • Yes it does ....

  • Such an adorable picture! She looks so happy :) and don't worry you're almost there!

  • Just a few more days. You can do it! But yeah... I don't really envy you one bit. I'd love to give birth every couple of years, but I'm fairly certain I couldn't handle another pregnancy...

  • Why isn't my hair as gorgeous as Birdie's?! 😭

  • Linda! Amo seguir voce... O blog

  • But check out that cutie pie!!

  • Oh my gosh so sweet!

  • her bangs are the sweetest!

  • I'm only 7 months I feel your pain!! 😕

  • Totally. But enjoy it while you can because before you know it that sweet little babe will feel gigantic when you bring new baby home. My little guy 2 1/2 has seemed like a giant ever since our new guy was born last week. :) kills me!

  • I just had my first, and I can only imagine!

  • I am at 29 weeks and yes, it gets harder and harder :) My husband usually does it too but sometimes he is not around so I use a step stool and teach my 3 year old Pola to do it herself :) Gotta a be a big girl for mommy :)

  • Birdie is so adorable. Can't wait to see the new little man! You're almost there!!!

  • Daddy is on bath duty at our house.

  • What an adorable smile!

  • I completely understand. I just hit 8 months, have a 15 month old, and literally just moved into our new house. Pregnancy and moving, not good bed fellows lol

  • Que linda!

  • By 8 months, I remember I couldn't do dishes because the counter was too painful on my belly. I can't imagine!!

  • Oh my Gosh yes. Couldn't agree more. Your little one has the best hair. What a doll!

  • Birdie looks SO grown up with her bangs 🌸

  • She is adorable

  • It's basically difficult to do anything!!!

  • Rubba dub dub birdie in the tub! You are so cute my birdie

  • eeeeep!!

  • 💛 her

  • what's your due date? @bleubird

  • Hang in there mama. You're almost there! Xx

  • I hear ya. Soon you'll be your nimble self again.

  • Hope little boy will come soon! "Courage!"

  • So true!

  • Sweetheart😘

  • Oh id imagine so..keep up the great work!

  • And cutting toenails!

  • I totally remember that!

  • Shes so adorable! :)

  • Little beauty

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