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kdkuiper 264w ago
Layers #vscocam

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Missing Michigan and all it’s beautiful fall colors
Old forestry roads make for the best adventures
Hibernation prep.
Enthralled by her determination to catch salmon, I could have sat there for hours watching her swim and chase down her next meal.
Hope you’re all having a great weekend!
Early morning’s pastel colors painted across the distant mountains made for a memorable sunrise in the Canadian Rockies.
Wind & Sea.
One of my favorite places to watch sunset in San Diego
Milky Way Memories.
Shot last year over Lake Tahoe during my road trip from San Diego to San Francisco to Tahoe and back. I’m itching for another road trip here soon, who wants to join?
Spent the past week in Washington with some of my best friends, so thankful for memories like these!
Yesterday’s adventure in the mountains got a lot more exciting when the rain turned to snow for about 20 minutes!
Excited to be back up in Washington spending a few days hanging out and exploring with @nicholasgraves, @rob.sese & @fursty
It was in this moment Stan remembered we were still a helicopter ride away from a hot shower and a warm meal.
Would you jump in if you had the opportunity?
Shot on the @sonyalpha a9 w/ the 12-24 f4.
So long summer.
Who else is excited for fall? I think might just be my favorite season!