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  Posted: Sep 26, 2012 8:48 PM
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natgeo 5y ago
Thousands of Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn, NY, are preparing to swing live chickens over their heads before Yom Kippur, symbolically transferring their sins to the chicken. The chicken is then slaughtered and donated to the poor for consumption. This practice is called ‘Kapparot,’ which literally means “atonement.” Using fish, money or chickens are acceptable methods of performing this expiation ritual. Using a live creature has the impact of allowing one to appreciate his or her own life and the life of the animal. A deep appreciation for animal life is fostered by seeing an animal slaughtered so that man can survive.
  • @zaneplissken thanks brother! If your jewish, have an easy fast my man.

  • Its ironic how when Jews kill an animal its called "A deep appreciation for animal life is fostered for animal life by seeing it slaughter". However when a Muslim does the same thing its called labelled barbaric.

  • So the animal that's full of sins is donated to the poor. Kinda messed if you think about it lol

  • It does make u all sound crazy!as hell!

  • So the poor eat there sins? Interesting..

  • Great shot

  • @inthemomenttt @mishkabushka thank you for having intelligent debates. It's refreshing to read! 👍👍

  • Old school. Glad we have the New Testament

  • There are so many different beliefs we should try and be sensitive to them. Remember this was post by National Geographic.

  • Muslim or Jew don't matter actually, they are all monkeys to me :)

  • @brndmngr I'm a vegan.. And you spelled "retarded" wrong. Maybe you should read a book. ☺

  • No shit. It's a typo. I am currently reading three. Get a life.

  • _tiani 5y ago

    Waving a poor terrified chicken around should be a sin in itself. Religious people never seem to be the most empathetic of folk.

  • actually.. no one can save you from ur sins but God.. if you beg for forgiveness ofcourse!

  • Just because it's not your religion doesn't make it wrong. And please don't call people "retarded" - that is an antiquated and disrespectful word!

  • How condescending giving the chicken to the poor after transferring sins to it?

  • Retard

  • @hondohasaniphone did you buy your chicken yet?

  • @dreamsdreems 👍👍👍

  • Hard for me to understand how anyone actually believes in this religious bs

  • Horrible

  • I agree @_tiani

  • Freak psycho

  • @michaelsven wow!! Monkeys!! @veronikabutin ok..

  • Most Jewish people do "kapparot" with money and than donate it. For the signs they have Yom Kippur, and time to think, ask for forgiveness from people they harmed and from God for them self. Kapparot is just a ritual, not really helpful without hard work of judging yourself.

  • "

  • See the highest paying legit statistics for mony here > @tamicdda

  • So educational :)

  • I've always wondered where KFC got their genetically mutated chickens now I know! L'chaim

  • cwk415 5y ago

    Cuz that makes sense

  • @eberko25 ✌✌✌✌

  • So the transfer their sins to another being, slaughter that being and their sins, then give away their sins to a poor or less fortunate person to consume..... That's pretty f~cked up. Why not just say "hey God(yawah, jehovah, whatever)- I'm sorry please forgive my sins

  • @katelavergne If this is true, can you explain to me how an infant baby died in NYC from herpes infection after the Rabbi did what he did...? This happened this year

  • Jews for the win!!!!!!

  • Задумались =) :-!

  • @alkmini102682 why do you care if you hate Jews?

  • @coverhall interesting pic

  • meytii 5y ago

    Make me very very proud!!!!

  • Home based work Apply now -> @Lavona2ate

  • Yom is like Arabic yawm which means day and kippur looks like kabeer which means great or big ((great day)) but I guess it means day of atonement .. Because of those rituals.. And by the way I read in NG Magazine that over 52 billion chicken are consummated each year! So why you think is disgusting if you the majority of you eat chicken meat??? You should show some respect to others' beliefs and religions even you don't like them..

  • @joebarber84 ask directly from God! Yeah I like that ((And when My servants ask you concerning Me, then surely I am very near; I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he calls on Me, so they should answer My call and believe in Me that they may walk in the right way.))

  • Olha isso, @jhregis !

  • يلعن ابو دينهم

  • Disgusting tradition.

  • Tradition isn't a relationship...but I am thankful Jesus died for my sins and I don't have to do this with chickens...

  • @serzhanja lol 😄yeah you're right! It's CONSUMPTION .. autocorrect 😝😳 sorry

  • bibi00 5y ago


  • Hooray for animal cruelty! Unbelievable, who is hitting 'like' in this shit!?

  • Interesting

  • Horrible mean and pointless!! People should appreciate their own life without having to kill others for that!!!!!

  • People of this faith or those who don't read!!

  • Time and tradition is no excuse for murder and cruelty.

  • rybeau 5y ago

    Ugh... Ignorance is rampant. THE REMAINS ARENT WASTED. This animal is probably treated better than the KFC crap you eat. Where is the perspective here? This has purpose.

  • That is complete bull shit. Your killing a chicken there is nothing special about it. You think biologist learned to appreciate life by the act if killing it? Studying an animal live or dead brings appreciation for it. Not the fucking killing part.

  • Very interesting, wow! To each their own.Thank you for sharing the story and the photo.

  • @mishkabushka you just preached to her about throwing words in desperation but telling others to "go suck" things pretty much makes you a hypocrite. Going back to meat for personal taste just makes you weak. Last I checked she only said man doesn't need meat, as in its not a necessity. People like you just like it. These days, humans can survive pretty darn well of other means.

  • No offense to the Jewish people and their beliefs, but would it really be threat much harder to throw money around your head then donate it to the poor? Killing animals for any reason other than to end unbearable suffering is just wrong.

  • Animal

  • Sombre pic

  • Claiming that a practice of another religion is "fucking retarded" seems very non-Buddhist... @samsaraphotography

  • @samsaraphotography for such a Buddhist, you sure seem to be very full of yourself, your religion and very judgmental of others...

  • @razorut this is a fabulous scene. To only think a few blocks away...thank you!

  • Read the Bible ...sacrificing animals dates back in the bible...and like I said its what they choose to believe...mind your business and let them live their lives...God will be the Judge one say ,not us

  • @samsaraphotography you have a picture on your wall of a fish took the photo?? Or cut its head off ??? Hmmm...funny

  • Haha Jews do funny shit

  • @fumberger want to do this tomorrow night?

  • Sure , I've been meaning to put those outfits to use

  • @jerhein kiss off are an idiot !

  • Ha ha @samsaraphotography you set your photos to ironic

  • @jerhein No one said you had to accept it...but they have a right to do as they wish. Don't you all have better things to do than bash other peoples religions..and by the way the Bible is not fictionsl,and I hope the day you meet God he makes you wat your words..God bless

  • ***Eat your words

  • @jerhein well said!👏

  • Ya but does it work?

  • 3twy_ 5y ago

    Someone call PETA ¬_¬

  • 😊

  • 3twy_ 5y ago

    @jerhein at least they are going to donate abused sinfull fried chicken to the poor

  • Humans are weird animals.

  • Not at all different than our Eid Al-Adha

  • thanks god that i am muslim

  • Poor chickens. :(

  • @samsaraphotography and as a scientist I can say everything you believe in Buddhism is 'fucking retarded'. Your still on bullshit mountain just another peak.

  • @nergaahl - to u too! :) and @m_alfayez - i can say the same thing about you. Learn to accept others that NOT like u.

  • @bastanley Have you read all these messed up comments? These people are freaks!

  • lynxya 5y ago

    The lighting is nice

  • Thats nuts

  • @charlesnoell so you think if people only ate veggies we'd all die and you think I'm retarded? Sir don't ever speak of me again. You are indeed King of the ignorant.

  • So if the chickens seasoned with sin and fed to dogs, I mean poor, do they ingested the sins of some Jewish guy and damn their own souls for the unrighteousness of another?😐

  • That sounds pretty daft.

  • 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • @pamela112878 do you think cara does this? Or jeff?

  • @benrodian I didn't even fast. This is serious! RIP 🐓

  • Very cool...I love to learn something new everyday, especially about different cultures and religions!

  • Then learn about Islam religion @tashi43

  • They are sooooo superstitious

  • Catch up with the times...

  • bs3w 5y ago

    لعنة الله عليكم

  • That's something new I've learnt. And I agree with others if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything.

  • @toopa_94 I already know a lot about Islam.

  • Poor chickens and I feel sorry for the poor having to eat tainted meat from the Jews who feels above everyone else

  • mxt333 5y ago

    Yeah maybe u should eat the sin infested chicken not rub it off on a poor person.

  • @tashi43 good so you don't have any argument in Doomsday

  • Fantastic shot.

  • @toopa_94 no I don' to explain what you mean?

  • Animal torture. This makes me sick.

  • Instead of transfering their sins, can't they just repent!!!!

  • Just because something is tradition it doesn't make it right. Funny how humans are selective about what constitutes respect and who/what should receive it in order to make themselves feel better. Cab't condone this ridiculous practice. Just cut out the 'ceremony' and donate the food and make it an entirely unselfish act.

  • It takes a lot of chickens to get rid of hooker sins

  • Oh my....its chickens people ,just chickens...get over it...I'm sure you eat chicken...go you think they caress the chicken and sing to it or feel sorry for it when they killed it and fed you and your family...jeez we are here to enjoy the beautiful photography

  • @morff56 hush. The world would be nowhere without tradition.

  • Nah, cannot agree with this sort of stuff, now the chickens go to hell! Good photo nonetheless

  • From the Hebrew book Isaiah- But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his stripes we are healed. All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned—every one—to his own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all. He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth; like a lamb that is led to the slaughter, and like a sheep that before its shearers is silent, so he opened not his mouth. (Isaiah 53:5-7) who is Isaiah referring to?.... For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16. Jesus died for sinners, & we know ourselves to be sinners and we can trust in His atoning sacrifice alone. God bless.

  • so Christ, having been offered once to bear the sins of many, will appear a second time, not to deal with sin but to save those who are eagerly waiting for him. (Hebrews 9:28)

  • You all don't get it the sin goes away. it does not past on into the chicken. Anyone who eats meat unless kosher is eating meat from an animal that was treated cruelly. The mitzvah (good deed) of feeding the poor is a G-D ly deed! Why hate on other religions? What happened to shall not judge? There is a whole lot of that going on here.

  • Thank you I agree...people that are confused and insecure about what they believe in tend to criticize and bash other religions... #LOVEONEANOTHER

  • Ah another bs ritual where an animal is traumatised before being killed just so a human can feel better about him/herself. The human race never fails to disappoint.

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️☀️☀️

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Photo by @johnstanmeyer ~ Fitting in quite well to my new surroundings here in Rwanda while on assignment for the magazine. No, this is not a double exposure. It is a self portrait, my reflection off the hotel room balcony glass door in Kigali where the ground floor garden is filled with beautiful plants and trees. Photography is about light and the chance noticing of layers before all of us. To see my latest Instagram Story from Rwanda and other photographs from National Geographic assignments, follow me here @johnstanmeyer. Thank you, John
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These tiny primates can develop symptoms of neurological disorders similar to Alzheimer’s in humans. Because lemurs are so genetically close to us, studying them can prove very promising for neurological aging research. Recently, non-invasive research on these little creatures has led to a new Alzheimer’s hypothesis that could help identify humans at risk before they develop symptoms and possibly delay onset and progression of the disease.
To see another image of this adorable lemur, check out @joelsartore.
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Photo by @daviddoubilet Hidden Doom. A small fish unknowingly drifts over a stargazer buried in the soft sediment bottom in Anilao Philippines. Stargazers are ambush predators that bury themselves in the sand and wait for unsuspecting prey to pass overhead. This image was taken at night with underwater lights that exposed the prey so I moved on not wanting to accidentally cause predation. // Photographed on @natgeo assignment Philippines // @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #ocean #Philippines #predation #stargazer #fishface #CoralTriangle for #moreocean follow @daviddoubilet
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Photo by @jimmy_chin
Catching a rare moment with @alexhonnold when he isn't in motion. Beautiful morning to stop and appreciate the changing seasons in Yosemite Valley.
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Photo by Stephanie Sinclair @stephsinclairpix // “My father dropped me out of school to be married with an older man,” 16-year-old Modestar said during @tooyoungtowed’s Tehani Photo Workshop in partnership with the @samburugirlsfdn. The workshop brings together child marriage survivors to not only help them gain the skills to become budding photojournalists, but learn tools to manage their trauma, express themselves, advocate for the rights of girls’ and become mentors to subsequent workshop participants.

Through Nov. 28th you can visit www.TOOYOUNGTOWED.ORG/PRINTSALE to purchase an 8.5x11 signed print to support our future workshops. #protectgirlsrights #endchildmarriage #tooyoungotwed #printsale #kenya #girls #letgirlslearn #beauty #color #red #girlscandoanything #UniversalChildren’sDay
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Photo by @ronan_donovan | Captured #withgalaxy S8, produced with @samsungmobileusa | A man stands well away from a 9ft long African rock python along the road in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda. Pythons can lie in wait for weeks at a time for a meal to come within striking distance. Once suitable prey is grabbed, pythons then wrap their muscular bodies around the animal to constrict the prey before swallowing whole.
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 21, 2017 11:43 PM (UTC)
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natgeo 1d ago
Photo by @TimLaman. A beautiful fully flanged male Tapanuli Orangutan taking a mid-day siesta. It was amazing how relaxed this male was in our presence, as we followed him through the rugged mountain forests of Sumatra. So much so that he took a snooze in a small tree where I had a perfect view to get this shot. But sadly, if he understood the broader situation around him, he probably wouldn’t be so at peace. This newly described third species of orangutan, while just scientifically confirmed, only has less than 800 individuals in their whole population! Though highly intelligent, orangutans have little control over this situation….. its up to us humans to make the right decisions to allow Tapanuli Orangutans and all the rich biodiversity of earth to persist. Or not. Where do you stand? See more of my Tapanuli orangutan photos by following me @TimLaman, and follow the links to help at @socp.official.
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Photo @michaelchristopherbrown
I photographed Rebecca Masika Katsuva several times between 2012-2016 and was amazed by her resiliency, bravery and compassion. As an activist and a survivor of sexual assault, she continually sacrificed her safety to help other victims over the years. During the Second Congo War in 1999, attackers killed Masika’s husband and sexually assaulted her and her daughters, then 13 and 14. When they became pregnant as a result of the assaults, Masika and her daughters were forced to leave home after being disowned by her husband's relatives. That same year, Masika founded a ‘listening house’ at her home, located in the isolated village of Minova. A shelter for women to recover from violent acts, it provided medical help and consisted of several dozen houses for women to live in. In January 2009, former rebels, then newly integrated into the Congolese military, raped Katsuva for the fourth time. The former rebels said they attacked Katsuva because she accused them of assaulting women. Masika adopted 18 children over the years, all born of mothers who were sexually assaulted. In the decade before her death, in February 2016, she helped over 6,000 rape survivors.
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 21, 2017 8:32 PM (UTC)
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natgeo 1d ago
Video by @PaulNicklen // Rarely seen with human eyes, the stunning display of bowhead whales engaging in the act of sex play in the Canadian Arctic is a marvel to witness. To read more about these ancient, massive whales and @Sea_Legacy’s expedition to the new marine protected area of Tallurutiup Imanga please #followme at @PaulNicklen.
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 21, 2017 6:30 PM (UTC)
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natgeo 1d ago
@natgeo photo by @stevewinterphoto

This is not an image you “LIKE” but needs to be shown and is published in Nat Geo Mag this month. Poaching of jaguars is rampant again like is was back in the 60’s and 70’s. It needs to be stopped and showing images like this is one way to make that happen - get it out in the press and hopefully Governments will be forced by their citizens to act. Stay tuned in the next few weeks for more like this, unfortunately.

In a community outside of Iquitos, Peru local indigenous people sell the skins of jaguars that they have killed.
One village chief told us he hunts jaguar all year long as in October someone from a “Chinese corporation” comes to buy the 4 canines from each jaguar. The skins do not sell for very much as the buyer does not want them and they are illegal to export for tourists, as are the teeth and any other part of the jaguar.

My @natgeo jaguar story came out this week - the December issue of National Geographic Magazine! and LOOK for our @NatGeowild Big Cat Week show which premiers on Dec 10th @ 9PM, filmed with the amazing @bertiegregory.

Jaguars are the 3rd largest of the big cats. Found from US / Mexico border to northern Argentina. Also poaching for skins, bones and teeth is growing for the first time since the 1970’s to feed the demand for people who think they receive the “power of the jaguar through their teeth”, Chinese Traditional Medicine and now Luxury items from endangered species. “When the buying stops, the killing can too.” @wildaid @bertiegregory

My first story with big cats was the 1st @natgeo Jaguar story 20 years ago! It has changed my life working with the magical and magnificent cats of the world. Animals have emotions just like we have.

@stevewinterphoto @natgeo @nglive #nglive @natgeochannel @natgeowild @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #fursforlife #BCI #bigcatsintiative @africanparksnetwork @jaguar #jaguar @bertiegregory @pantanalsafaris @leonardodicapriofdn
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 21, 2017 5:26 PM (UTC)
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natgeo 1d ago
Video by @BertieGregory. Extreme climber Alejo Sanchez descends down an enormous rock face deep in the heart of the unexplored Chiribiquete National Park, Colombia (turn sound on to hear him singing!). When he reached the bottom of this cliff, he made a remarkable discovery. He found a massive panel of ancient paintings featuring jaguars, people and more. This area is home to many of these paintings, representing some of the earliest evidence of humans in the Amazon. I shot this whilst accompanying a team from Fundacion Herencia, an incredible group of people doing real 21st century exploration. It’s very humbling to know that there are still places on this planet we know almost nothing about. But despite it’s remoteness, it is still under threat.
We owe a huge thanks to Parks Colombia and the Colombian Ministry of Culture for their support. For more on this place, Stay tuned for @stevewinterphoto ‘s upcoming jaguar story for @natgeo Magazine. Also stayed tuned for our jaguar TV show for @natgeowild premiering in the US on December 10th. Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures!
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 21, 2017 4:29 PM (UTC)
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natgeo 1d ago
Photo by @BrianSkerry.
A manatee calf hitches a ride - piggy-back style - on it’s mom in the waters off the coast of Belize. While working on an @NatGeo story about the Mesoamerican Reef, I frequently went out early in the morning - using only a mask, snorkel and fins - to quietly search for wildlife. Manatees in this region are far less acclimated to humans than those in Florida, and can difficult to approach. They typically spend their nights within thick, protective mangroves, feeding on nearby seagrass beds during the day. All of these ecosystems are connected and conservation of the whole is vital since animals depend on each other for survival.
This mom and calf were very tolerant of me, and allowed me into their world that morning.
To see more underwater photography, follow me - @BrianSkerry - on Instagram.

#natgeo #underwaterphoto #instagood #follow #underwaterphotography #manatee #cute #animals #animal #followme #photooftheday #photography #travelphoto #travel
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 21, 2017 3:22 PM (UTC)
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natgeo 1d ago
Video by @joelsartore | Although orangebanded stingfish like this one at @GulfSpecimen Marine Lab are well camouflaged already, they’re also able to bury themselves in the sand all the way up to their eyes. Their frontal, claw-like rays are used both for movement along the muddy ocean floor and for capturing prey. These fish can be found in the Indo-West Pacific Ocean and are capable of delivering an incredibly painful sting.
To see a portrait of this fish, check out @joelsartore.
#fish #orange #stingfish #venomous #weirdnature #strangeanimals #nature #conservation #biodiversity #animalfacts #wildlife #wildlifephotography #natgeo #savetogether #photoark
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 21, 2017 2:07 PM (UTC)
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natgeo 1d ago
Photo by @christian_foto (Christian Rodríguez )
Portrait of Maria from "Rojochique" village. She belongs to Rarámuris (Tarahumaras) people.

One of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had was to work at the northern part of Mexico, at the state of Chihuahua, in a region known as Sierra Madre. That’s where Rarámuris live.
Etymologically rarámuri means “runner’s feet“ and in a broader sense it means “the ones with light feet“, referring to the most antique tradition they have: running. They’re known for their capacity to travel long distances at high speed in the complex topography of the region.
The "Rarámuris" (Tarahumara) are believed to be descended from the Mogollon culture.
#raramuri #sierramadre #mexico #méxico #chihuahua Photo by @christian_foto