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It's hard to get through #HomeGoods when you have to stop and hug every. single. blanket #totallymydaughter @tiscagirl

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Fun at the pumpkin patch with my favorite little guys 👶🏻👦🏼💛🍂🎃 #shepandcharlie
It’s a beautiful night in #bigD and the whole city celebrated by dining outdoors #patioweather #ourfavoritetexasseason
When you discover you own the same shirt in size 3 months and size 24 months, a brother twinsie situation is basically a must 👦🏼👶🏻💙#bestiesforlife #theydontwanttolookatthecamera #butidontcare
There’s a good chance I’ll make Mr. Skunkbeard walk the plank before the day is done #arghh
It’s our 2 year Supper Clubiversary 🎉. So thankful for the countless hours I’ve spent around tables with these friends 🍷🍞🍰❤️. #theyrethebest
His form needs work. Or maybe his work needs form 🤔? Either way, he’s enthusiastic about his game. #littleboylife ⚾️
I just walked in to find her giving the doll a sink bath. I think she used the entire bottle of baby wash 🛁😂. She says being a mom to her dolls is really hard work, but she doesn’t mind 😆 #shemakesmesmile #iloveschoolholidays
Fair. Friends. Fletchers. Fun. (Also sweat, Big Tex, pig races and overpriced Midway 💁🏻) 🎡👩‍👩‍👧‍👧🌭☀️💦🐖🎢 #bigtex #statefairoftexas
Some of my favorite people, captured on the new iPhone 8+. The new portrait mode? 👏🏻👌🏼👊🏼
I've never met anyone who loves toast as much as this guy 🍞. Mmmm. Good. Mo' toast pease. Mmm. I wike it. Mmm. #somuchtoastfeedback #itsjusttoast #toastishisjam ⬅️ #seewhatididthere
3 months old and such a delight 😍. This guy is easy, lemon squeezy. He loves to nap so we're basically #soulmates. Swipe right to see what it's actually like when I lay him on his back (spoiler: brotha is determined to roll over 🌀) #yearofshepherdbarnett
Perks of being an infant: you get to join your parents on their weekend getaway 👶🏼#cutestthirdwheel
Some nights I feel like we barely make it to bedtime. But, tonight- tonight is sweet ❤️. #illenjoyitwhileican #cooperativetoddler #helpfulbigsister
He's all "just chill with me". And, I'm like "if you insist" #twistmyarm #werejustchillin 😎👩‍👦
Charlie just paused his couch-leaping long enough to say "I wuv ew Shepurn". So my Monday is looking pretty cute 😍 #shepandcharlie #jammiestilnoon