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Great article by a 20-something who believes mobile phones are inhibiting his ability to meet women. Also introduced me to a new term- nomophobia! (Fear of being without your mobile phone!)

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This morning's workspace- 400 campus housing managers! In my hometown!!!
As a guy who spent 4 hours a day in a swimming pool for now than ten years, I couldn't be more excited to be addressing the US Swim School Association this morning!!! What a thrill!
Early morning keynote in Nashville! My workspace for the day!!!
The moon is still in the sky on my morning walk!
Orange shoes ready for #cmworld this year! For the first time in 7 years in going to focus on enjoying the event!!! (I'm speaking early tomorrow, which will give me plenty of time to learn from all the amazing speakers and attendees!)
Went for an early morning boat ride. What an amazing way to start the day!