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Smuggle scene
  • No smuggling. Snuggle

  • bobboose 263w ago

    @scotttowne gotta watch those typo's , big brother is watching. I sent out a tweet about some shady shit I saw and a few days later a detective showed up at my house.

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Let's get this party started. Archival #tabletoptuesday from late 2004. Exceptional photographic documentation by @mikeobryan16
When your Doberman eats your kid's soccer cleats ⚽️ Hot glue gun and duct tape are standard issue dad repairs, but re-creating the back two cleats with J-B Weld may be my crowning achievement in resourcefulness. A little flat back spray paint takes the shine and ghetto-ness off. It's the little things.
Token gift from bros who knows. Thanks @sgillette602 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
Happy Birthday to man about town and all-around stoke booster Steve Crandall.🔋Friend to friend in the end time.
#tbt 2002 Sessions at the Vans park in Novi were so fun. There were only three bike times a week, so it was always the same people and lots of them. I loved that park. It had great flow and you could haul ass around it everywhere. I was trying to up my trick list and was making gradual progress, but one Tuesday night I got a little crazy with a gap to icepick, landed leaning over, folded the front wheel under me and landed right on my face. It knocked me a little silly and I remember crawling around looking for my broken teeth on the floor. My dude Solan was there and helped me gather the fragments, but yeah, that one sucked. When I got home, my wife was asleep. I had to tell her, or she'd wake up to my busted grill. "Hey, uh, don't freak out, but I crashed and uh..." Another one for the books. I've never been good at icepicks. Anyone that can do them will recognize that my posture on this one today is not even right. I still think it's one of the best looking tricks, just not when I do them.
🌚🌝Squeezing one in, as darkness falls. #tabletoptuesday
Reposting this as the first one was pretty blown out. You ever hear the studio version of the MC5's "Kick out the Jams"? In the intro, he says "Kick out the jams, brothers and sisters!" The live version says it all: "Kick out the jams, MOTHER F♠️♣️KERS". That's the one I like.
Going back in time to a supreme slasher by my time traveling friend @smithnosebar 🌊
I randomly filmed some dudes blazing past me on the trail today, and it turns out it was my good friend Rob Chamberlain. What are the odds? Pretty good, actually. ♠️♣️♥️♦️🃏 I can hear him yell my name in the video🗣