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Back home and spent the day hanging out with my little boo boo bear! 😀🐶 #goldendoodle #doodlesofinstagram #instadoodle
Always love the public art and architecture in Chicago. Such a beautiful city. 😀♥️
First stop in Chicago... Stan’s Donuts, of course! 😜😜😜
I have the best swinging partner 😜😀 @mrstevenjoseph 😍
Sprinkle pool time! (The best we could get with the less than 5 mins they allowed us to be in the sprinkle pool.) @museumoficecream #MuseumOfIceCream
#MuseumOfIceCream was fun. It was a cool experience to go through. Super unique. I thought it was going to be a bit more interactive and photo friendly, but it wasn’t. The lighting was bad and everything is pretty stationary (and you’re not allowed to touch), so the photo game isn’t super strong.

I’m not certain it’s worth $38/person. You don’t get as much ice cream as you’d expect for $38 at a place named after ice cream and we felt as though the staff members were rushing us through. The highlight of the place is the sprinkle pool, but we were given less than 5 minutes to actually experience it before being rushed out.

Here’s a few pics. Certainly enjoyed ourselves, but The Color Factory was definitely more fun.

If you scored tickets, have fun! @museumoficecream
Mattoon has it quirks and growing up in Mattoon as a young gay boy wasn’t always easy, but I’m proud to be from Mattoon. The friends I made, the classmates I enjoyed 12 years of our lives with, the parents who always supported us, and the amazing teachers we experienced throughout our great educations in Mattoon schools.

To those kids being bullied, just know that there is support for you. It’s not easy to ask for it, but there are amazing teachers at MHS who will help you through.

To those bullying, just stop. It’s not worth it. It’s hurtful, its awful, and just sad.

My heart goes out to all those who experienced the school shooting today and all those who were impacted by it. Stand strong together and support one another.

#HailGreenwave #Mattoon
Today we discovered that our place is it very baby friendly and Chloe is bigger than a 1 year old.