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WIDN (or not supposed to be doing now) tagged by @tinybones - cleaning out the living room and found a monopoly game. My poor poor husband.

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Happiest Birthday, Miko! Thank you for making me softer 💖💕(more pics and details on the blog)
Happy October! I tried to decorate a little today but there is no filter that can hide the happy mess of baby books and toys behind the baby gate 🤷🏻‍♀️😍💕🍂
Happy National Coffee Day! 😍Can’t not celebrate what makes life a little easier on sleepless nights ☕️💕
My brother got this tattoo designed by Lindsay of @emandsprout she made for MM’s birth announcement. Everyone grieves and heals in different ways and I’m reminded how a little life left such a big impact.
It was nice to be back home again 🏰🎉🙌
99 days until Christmas. I can't wait for Miko to experience all of it. Here's a throwback to Christmas at Disneyland 🎄🎁🎅🏼🎉
Forever grateful to find a group of people who love me for me. Don't let anyone break your spirit for your choices, as silly as they may seem. Thank you Moorea Seal for your friendship and vulnerability (and cracking mine open for this interview), and seeing something in me to share my home among incredible women. #makeyourselfathomebook is available for preorder now 🌸
Lost a few inches, not just on my waist but my hair, too. I was devastated at first but then I remembered how much I loved my shaved head years ago 👵🏼 I hope to teach Miko long hair isn't a measurement for femininity and weight isn't a barometer for how we feel about ourselves 💕
I'm still thinking about our trip to @aquariumpacific! Just a quick tip- it's harder to get around with a stroller but doable. It was really cool to see so many parents baby-wearing! Take your kiddos if you get the chance! #loveaop
What a beautiful day to denounce bigotry and white supremacy #loveyourneighbor ✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿
Thanks for the fun day @aquariumpacific! The Pisces in me loved being surrounded by water and Miko was captivated. More in my stories! #loveaop
Meal planning just got 10000x cuter. Thank you @hundred_acre_place for the custom order! It's perfect! 💕💕💕
One of these days I'll use my stroller again. In the meantime, posted some photos of using the new Omni @ergobaby carrier on the blog and why this is my favorite Ergo model so far. Thank you Ergo!
Thank you @lovesakurabloom for the gift to carry Miko in the traditional onbuhimo 💞I shared a photo in my stories but to answer some questions here- yes, it's comfortable and I just got the extender strap because lactating boobs are no joke, Miko is 9 months and weighs 18 lbs and is a tall baby, and to the person who asked if it felt like she was falling out, not at all, I felt secure with her in it. I keep hearing people say if you carry a baby too much, they end up spoiled but I'm pretty sure she's spoiling me 👩‍👧❤️
Listen, if I'm going to have a reputation in my neighborhood as the crazy Disney lady in the pink house, I have to do it right, okay??
Wrote about my Lent experience on the blog, what I learned, and some of my favorite outfits 👗💃🏻