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Sammy and I are in training for the great outdoors. πŸƒ I want my little man to be prepared for when the big day comes. He can climb his way down from the counter, crawl up a scratching post, and navigate a room like no other. 🐾 Since he passed his test, I think the best way to get him ready for his release is to slowly reintroduce him back to the spot where I found him. I'll try and take him for a few minutes every day. He's still eating like a champ. πŸ‘ I've offered him a variety of what the squirrel guru I spoke to recommended. He's not keen on me feeding him, he'd rather grab his food and eat it himself, which is great! He likes all of the fruits, nuts, and veggies I've offered him, but bananas 🍌 are by far his favorite. He still needs a lot of warmth. I have a heating pad, but I don't want to cook him. So I wear a hoodie and let him sleep in my sleeve. It's pretty much the most adorable thing ever. 😍 Go Sammy! Go!

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When you get lost as easily as I do, it helps to wear a lot of red. πŸ’ƒπŸ»
Stoked for my first three-day weekend in a loooong time, so I treated myself to a cute new @anabanana_swim bikini from @VeganScene.
The wind blew up my dress and it *almost* looks like I have a booty. πŸ‘
Katrina got fixed today, so she's not feeling well. Look what happened when Isadora went to snuggle up with her! 😍 #SoManyFeels
Our new "I'm The Badass Vegan They Warned You About" hoodies arrived today! Available in store + πŸ‘Š #VeganScene @veganscene
Katrina is an amazing kitty, but she had a rough start at life. When I brought her home from the shelter, my vet told me she had tested positive for the Feline leukemia virus (FeLV). She was most likely born with it since she was a feral kitty.

I had her re-tested yesterday, and she still has it. 😭 They said kittens can have a false positive test, so I'm still crossing my fingers. If she really is FeLV positive, at least she'll get a happy life even if it's a shorter one.
I'm hoping this won't hurt her chances at getting adopted since she can't live with other cats. But she is full of love and turns out she's great with dogs!
No matter what happens, she'll always have a home with us at @VeganScene. You can't have a shop without a store kitty, right? #VeganSceneLovesKatrina
Someone is starting to feel better. Katrina still has a case of the sniffles, but even her sneezes are cute. #FosterKitty #VeganSceneLovesKatrina #EveryDayIsBringYourKittenToWorkDay
This sweet little girl was going to be put down because she was feral and really scared. One of the women working at the Downey shelter saw that she was actually really sweet and saved her. She just needs some snuggles and love... So I named her Katrina and she's going to come work with me at @VeganScene. #FosterKitty #UnlessIFallInLove #WhoopsAlreadyDid #LevelFiveCrazyCatLady
Rocking @VeganScene's new I Heart Vegan Boys baseball tee!
Don't worry Isadora, I love you more. #VeganScene

Available at
We had a magical unicorn visit us at @VeganScene! Someone's excited for our big Halloween costume party on the 31st!
Partied like The Dude at @VeganScene's Big Lebowski party last night. I'm still recovering from all of the Vegan White Russians, but it was so worth it. #EightYearOldsDude #ThisAgressionWillNotStand
Big thank you to my Vegan Scene squad: @sylviavale @digit_al @zachrisinger @cupmycakez @veganbeastmode. Time to start planning the Halloween party. πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Ž