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morsels 264w ago
Taco sampler at @armandopalmero #losangeles. There's a reason why this place gets 4.5 stars on Yelp.

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Bad days are definitely not improved by drugstore lunches eaten at one's desk. Just FYI.
A little hot for biking but I'll always choose warmth over cold.
Sometimes when the planets and stars are aligned just so, my hair dries quite curly all over. I take it when I can get it and fully expect half straight / half wonky the next time it dries.
I made this NYT recipe. It was really good. The end. #cooking
Jeff got a fidget spinner / bottle opener at GABF. Neither of us can figure out the allure. Please enlighten us. @drinkableglobe
I love straws. And these seem great so far! Glad to have found a reusable option. I didn't want metal or paper.
You know I had to try the new cheddar crunch popcorn. Turns out the crunch is Cheetos. Not complaining; it's good! It's just really small.
Sometimes I do a nice thing for my Halloween loving man to find when he gets home from a trip.
Finished making the baba ganoush. It is so good and so easy! Helps to have great farm fresh eggplant, of course. I only added a small amount of tahini and didn't see any need to add a bunch of olive oil so just added a healthy glug of the good stuff. #cooking
Why does the cat beg to be petted with my feet, even pretty roughly, but shies away from a head pat with a hand? Weird cat. #alastairthecat
I cut my losses and ate the small eggplant. It was completely amazing. I didn't need to put anything on it. It was smoky and perfect. The others are in a colander and I'll make the recipe tomorrow. For now I'm having my favorite homemade popcorn combo and watching the original (uncut) Blade Runner.
I had this great idea to sit outside on this gorgeous 78° night, drink a little wine, listen to some tunes through the window, grill some eggplants and make baba ganoush. Problem is, they're still cooking, the sun is fading fast, and I'm pretty tipsy. (I stuck garlic in the eggplants. Those are the white specks. The small one is one I grew and I just picked it this evening and it was a bit soft so I don't have high hopes for it.)
At the symphony with my dad. Our seats are a bit too close. But we do have a good view!
My dad and I decided to try growing Brussels sprouts and broccoli again for the fall. It may or may not work. The weather has stayed warm so they are growing like crazy. #gardening #garden #vegetablegarden
This is a person who wore eye liner today in an attempt to look more professional but answer me this: how professional are raccoons?

This is also a person who is doing her breathing exercises. And is looking forward to a happy hour in her yard with her man.
This cord has finally bit the dust. I can't imagine why.