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Look closely: that's an iMac box.

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Sabrina was very concerned about this giant frog statue, which is good because it kept her from trying to chase the ducks.
Haters be like “Colorado is so brown tho”
Sabrina got all Hieronymus Bosch on our walk this afternoon. I must be sicker than I thought.
The dogs have adopted very unusual poses this evening.
When Colorado decides its going to be bluebird it does not fuck around.
Today I rode around the reservoir. It was windy.
And with security breaches like this, who wouldn’t want watchdogs?
#tbt to Gloucester 2011. This was my first year there—amateur men’s fields closed within hours and I’d missed it the previous two seasons. I was pretty fit, had the points for a second row start, but the courses were way beyond my technical skill then (and possibly now) while still being heavily aerobic. I was also racing on a 56cm Surly (I’m 5’ 8”) with travel agent v-brakes and seasons-old clinchers on narrow-ass rims, but at any rate, never finished as well as I would have liked. Still had a blast every time. 📷 Rich Foley
Would have been nice to get this prior to the day of the event…