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  Posted: Sep 25, 2012 9:15 AM
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This is Simon 👆 he says "mint/azure green is really the 'in' colour this season"

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User Image chaiwalla Posted: Nov 20, 2017 7:08 AM (UTC)
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I could hear them, I’m sure they said they saw turtles.
User Image chaiwalla Posted: Nov 19, 2017 12:46 PM (UTC)
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These guys are pretty damn chill. Stopped off at a wildlife sanctuary whilst heading up the East Coast of Australia and got to tick off numerous things off the bucket list. Not only getting up close with Kangaroos but also having the chance to hold a Koala!! The photo taken was way too cheesy to share here but I absolutely wanted to re-share the video from my Stories of the Koalas sleeping (they’re always pretty docile from getting high on eucalyptus). I actually left my phone on the bus so the video was captured in partnership with my new buddy Emma @vuelvoalsur. #Contiki #TheTravelProject
Paradise. What a place. The sand is a soft as you can imagine! Interestingly as the sand here is composed of 98 per cent silica it doesn't retain heat and has a fine so you can walk across it bare foot with no problem. Visited with the #Contiki bunch and as part of their #TheTravelProject. You can take part in sharing your story, experiences and personal projects by checking or the link in my profile. There are some great tales, photos and in-depth subjects tackled such as traveling with anxiety or advice on how to quit your job and travel. You may even win the chance of a funded trip 😁 #ad — 3rd picture made with the help of @vuelvoalsur
User Image chaiwalla Posted: Nov 16, 2017 2:18 PM (UTC)
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Dusk on the first night sailing in the Whitsundays. #TheTravelProject #Contiki #ad
User Image chaiwalla Posted: Nov 15, 2017 6:27 AM (UTC)
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Australia! Hello there. Finally! It’s so good to be here. Those that have followed my stories will have noticed I’ve been travelling over the last week up the Eastern Coast. I’m here with #Contiki and I’ve been asked to document my journey using a vintage film camera and a handful of disposable cameras. I’m nervous but excited and have some faith I can get some usable results 😅 The film is yet to be developed so whilst I wait I’m going to be sharing some of the experiences of the trip over the coming days. #TheTravelProject — thanks to @vuelvoalsur for helping me snap this pic and being my adventurous partner in crime as I sought to find a decent spot for dusk on the final night on the Gold Coast. #ad
User Image chaiwalla Posted: Oct 21, 2017 2:26 PM (UTC)
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Pesky photographers made hole in the Saint Anastasia bell tower. Admittedly it did aid the amazing sunset view. Alfred Hitchcock is quoted in saying Zadar has the best sunset in the world. It’s hard to argue - where’s your favourite been? I remember witnessing the most incredible ones from Koh Tao in Thailand. #croatiafulloflife @croatiafulloflife
User Image chaiwalla Posted: Oct 19, 2017 12:39 PM (UTC)
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Ethereal sunset rides in the Middle East #🐴

#experienceoman @anantarasalalah
Possibly one the best hotel view in Croatia! The Gogala Palace looking out onto the St. James Cathedral in Šibenek.

I couldn’t find a tag for this place sadly but had such a special experience and the apartments were super vintage and cute that I had to make their place known to you. Basically I had researched the area on Pinterest and I found an awesome shot out of a window with a similar view to this. Pinterest led me to the name of a hotel which doesn’t actually exist! I realised this after an hour of searching and asking locals. I was however determined to get a nice view of the Cathedral so I knocked on the door of these apartments and the most friendly lady let me in and after some time chatting (she had broken English but tried enthusiastically to communicate with me) she gave me some keys and let me up into this room. She even allowed me to move around the furniture and climb on a chair. Haha. The view wasn’t the exactly same as the one I had researched but I was still thrilled to have the chance to take some photos from this perspective. In return for the hospitality I promised to send the owner lots of other pictures that I took of her charming little place. When I came to Croatia 12 years ago one of the best things about the trip was the friendliness of the locals and it’s great to know they’re still like this and an increase in tourism hasn’t changed them.

@croatiafulloflife #croatiafulloflife #SibenikRegion #croatia
User Image chaiwalla Posted: Oct 14, 2017 12:08 PM (UTC)
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Pick a winner — part of my routine when travelling somewhere new is to observe local culture. In the morning in Zadar I scuttled off early to take pictures, I often spend some time purposefully alone as it’s easier to observe undistracted, and noticed this women in the window from afar. I honestly couldn’t see with my short sightedness that she was picking her nose (!) but I could see her observing nosily people from below - this meant she was oblivious to me. Although I did act discrete. It made me imagine her also having her own daily routine of watching life and drama unfold below her home. #whpmyeveryday #zadar #croatiafulloflife #croatia
Explored Veli Losinj rapidly at dusk to find the best spots to see out the day.
#croatiafulloflife #visitlosinj #islandofvitality @croatiafulloflife #visitkvarner
ALSO it’s “link in bio” time as I just posted onto the blog detailed analysis of all the wonderful feedback I received about my Stories poll that I ran yesterday. I was overwhelmed with the results. For the link go check out my Stories or click on the link on my profile.
I loved Santorini, Lofoten was mind blowing, Cinque Terre is like no other and Lisbon, well is Lisbon 😍however there is still something so exciting a rewarding with coming across and exploring places that you don’t know too much about yet really surprise you with their beauty and charm. I felt like that in the small colourful town of Veli Losinj. Really was such a cute place. @zobolondon decided to head to some less travelled Islands in Croatia before we met up with the @croatiafulloflife team. Looking forward to sharing some more gems with you.
#croatiafulloflife #visitkvarner #croatia #visitlosinj #islandofvitality
Salutations. Love the low and lingering sunsets we were treated to in Croatia. They seem to hang around a bit longer this time of year. On this final night on the boat we stopped off at a small island sixty minutes before sunset and immediately, with wine in hand, headed up to the highest peak we could see to witness this incredible sunset. The beautiful beam of light during the suns final moments headed powerfully straight towards us. I set up the tripod at rapid speed and took the picture above. @croatiafulloflife #SibenikRegion #croatiafulloflife #croatia #whpseasons
Krka waterfalls, Croatia. We only touched the surface of this huge National Park and even with just the glimpse of the lower falls I was mightily impressed. We arrived here, at the lower falls by boat, from Skradin, which kind of added to the excitement and enjoyment. Thanks to @croatiafulloflife for a really amazing day out. Also going to submit this to the @instagram weekend hashtag project #whpseasons. Autumn is definitely a great time of year for me. Although I always seem to crave the sun of summer there’s something about autumn and it’s change of temperature that calms me, makes me what to reassess plans and to focus on making new goals to see the year out. Is it your favourite season too? #npkrka #SibenikRegion #croatiafulloflife #croatia
User Image chaiwalla Posted: Oct 6, 2017 11:46 AM (UTC)
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From city to city. On the move navigating through urban spaces. That’s the nature of what I do. On a similar note @MINI LIVING URBAN CABIN, which I recently featured, is also uprooting and will next be erected in New York City, coinciding with the city’s Archtober festival.

#MINILiving #LDF17 #Advertisement #UrbanCabin
This. This is why you ask for a window seat on the plane! Flying from Muscat to Salalah was beautiful experience. Was a joy to experience the mountains above Muscat to then fly over luscious green forest and enter the low lying desert and head to a palm strewn beach. Big thanks to @brownchris who accidentally took my window seat and then kindly moved when I mentioned I’d reserved it. ;) #oman #experienceoman #shotoniphone
Don’t look down. Or do. It was a spectacular view. Self portrait taken early in the morning in Oman. This incredible view was seen from my hotel room and couldn’t resist jumping out of bed early and rushing to take a look at the view over the valley in the clear morning sky. #oman #experienceoman
I had so so much fun on this thing. Those that saw my stories will have seen the crazy adrenaline rush I got from almost tumbling this thing 😬 I was happy to be in Oman with a bunch of other “up for it” yes types who joined me for the ride. When travelling I tend to always look for action and adventure sports. I don’t always share that here but would like to offer more insight into my travels and personality other than just sharing my attempts and getting pretty views or the perfect shot sometimes. #oman #experienceoman #whpdynamic
User Image chaiwalla Posted: Sep 23, 2017 5:19 PM (UTC)
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Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are - Mason Cooley
Back at the #UrbanCabin with my friend @zobolondon thinking about how that, when not travelling, I always try to pick up a book to help keep me going until the next adventure. @MINI’s entry at Design week explores the unfortunate theme of closing London libraries and includes a book swap. It’s your last chance to see the space this weekend. Let me know if you find the book with my note inside it ;)
#MINILiving #LDF17 #Advertisement