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Back when I still owned a yellow flower knife (not sure where these things disappear to) and had just moved into our little warehouse. My, 2017, my my. 📸: @cyeetheworld
Quick therapy sesh and a study in Hogarth technique
Finding it tough to continue business as normal but feeling incredibly lucky to still be able to create so much beauty in a time where people really need it. Flowers have a pretty amazing healing power. Shout out to these couples who just want to get married this weekend on top of everything else, and a big squeeze to all the planners out there who are making it happen, ya'll are warriors.
Overjoyed to hear that my client's wedding venue in Napa is saved after 10 hours of fighting, but know that so many of my friends and colleagues have not been so lucky. To my floral friends who have been affected, I have studio space, vases, supplies, food, drinks, and support available to you if you need it to keep making beauty in such a horrifying time. Please email me at if you need absolutely anything at all. Sending so SO much love and support.
As I'm starting these spring proposals, I'm reminded of something I wrote a bit ago that gave me feels this morning: Lilac makes me giddy just thinking about it, and since we had such a terribly short local season last year I'm reminded that, yes, good things take time. Sometimes they take all year long. This, my friends, is why I love flowers. 📸@himichellewhite
Flowers doing all sorts of Martha Graham technique. Threw the OOO on and off to LA to spend a few days with my best gal @rebeccaeichten 🍾🍾🍾 photo by @cassievalentephoto
One time I made a place for the queens to sit @thecreamevent inspired by holograms, our boy Prince, and what it's like to look at Renoir paintings in my sleep. @megmessina shot this on film indoors (because she is the ultimate queen)
September! You've been good to team AVD. So very appreciative to all of the wonderful couples and vendors we had the privilege of working with 😘 and a big thank you to @thetimeismiller & @evefloral for making yesterday's wedding beautiful with me! And now, for our first weekend off in over 12 weeks: 💅🏽👯💆🏽🍂🏄🏽‍♀️🌈
Equinoxing, and very, very happy about my favorite season (of flowers and life) upon us. All the 🍂🍁for L+J tomorrow.
I'd like to dedicate this next song to September's afternoon light
Feel like I need an IV drip of coffee and an egg mcmuffin today but truly honored to have been a part of a some really beautiful days. Photo by @cassievalentephoto
Lengthy post alert 🚨 it's been a wild few weeks round here and I've got a whole lotta folks to thank for offering such a beautiful presence in my life and my company! Firstly: Rachel of @nightshadefloral, thank you thank you THANK YOU for being my right hand lady/best thing ever/teller of DJ Khaled lingos these past few weeks (and all season, really) and to my team today @thetimeismiller @alicia.voelker @ollirums, you all truly make a lady feel taken care of. @loopflowers for sharing roses and words of affirmation, I love you. @michellelywood & @ruby.and.rose for friendship and love, always. Aaaand last but not least, Ricci @squilloillo for taking care of our pooch (and me too) while I'm off chasing dreams--I love you more than words.
How to make your table summery and autumnal at the same time (and still eat cheese). Still hot outside here in San Francisco but the light is officially beginning to change and for someone who is on an endless quest for coziness, this makes me so, so happy. Photography by @cassievalentephoto, full article over @ruemagazine
What a beautiful week of beautiful things with beautiful people. Thank you to my amazing team for your talent, positivity, DJ mixes, and the most amazing potluck lunches this week: @nightshadefloral @traceylbolton @thetimeismiller @alicia.voelker @evefloral. And a big thanks to @kaellalynn + @gloweventdesign for some really wonderful weddings this weekend. My heart is filled with so much love and gratitude for you all.
Still melting over here but thanking our lucky stars we had a wedding mostly indoors today. Big thank you to team AVD for schvitzing in the studio with me this week and still managing to make stuff pretty, and thank you to @downeystreetevents & @gloweventdesign for some lovely events today ❤️photo by @kaylafphoto