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Trois Rivières. Port, ship & bridge
You all said I was mad for trying to grow corn on my balcony.
You were right. This is ridiculous
Late night 1-800 impulse buy ca. 1998 I'm guessing. Some hipster poseur will find this and turn it into a shrine.
I'll miss the curbside crap of #NDG
"...I'm afraid sorry doesn't cut it with this Pope." @cityslang
"... after chanting the magic spell Emily discovered she was now queen of all the talking birds, just as the mysterious old woman had foretold." @hack_n_cheese
Three 3-foot corn stocks grown in eight inches of potting soil

#montreal #gardening #ndg
His name is Macadam. He's two months old, and when he grows up he'll be a service dog. @fondationmira