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Lunch at Tinswalo.

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Happy birthday mom 😘 Thanks for keeping me real and inspired since '84.
Week on week I look forward with more excitement to weekends of quiet adventure.
Take me back to last Thursday on the lake. Boats, boys, and beers. #tbt
Crocodile Creek is a crazy beautiful place. I've never seen as many crocs on the lake. It's mating season so we got to see their displays and a pair mate which was also a first. We were surrounded by hippo, and sleeping on the deck I could hear their calls all night. Around 11pm we spotted a pride of 5 lion on the bank next to us. There were also elephant throughout the day.
We've been doing the same thing forever 🐘🦌🦌🦌 🏹🏃🏻🏹🏃🏻🏹🏃🏻🏹🏃🏻🔥
Flipping bottles straight out of retirement on the top of Zimbabwe.