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  Posted: Sep 24, 2012 12:15 AM FEED
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Sorry for blurry pic, but had to share a photo of Ren & Persil. @medulao got her a lot of new flowers in her favorite color (orange). Ren by @bubiay helped relocate her to the new spot. This is Day 16. #persilgram
  • bubiay 5y ago

    Wow persil grows a lot! Ren have to be careful to relocate her😀😬🌺

  • Aww daffodil

  • You should make a book about Persil. You can call it 'The Saga of Persil'.

  • @bubiay Ren was very sweet and careful with the butterfly!

  • @yosiell "Daffodil" says you should come back so she can walk on your arm.

  • @crazylikeafox11 maybe I'll make one of those Instagram books they're always advertising. I shall call it "Persil Perseveres" or "Persil in Paradise".

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"I'm crackin' up, I'm crackin' up, I'm crackin' up." One of my favorite JAMC songs in a sea of many. My fourth time seeing @jesusandmarychain and another amazing show at The Fillmore, so yay free tour poster on the way out, too.
Someone put Bob stickers all over that strange new Shoe Palace on Telegraph Ave. It wasn't me - I swear! #bob #subgenius #slack
#TBT to October 2013 and the final iteration of Oakland's Cakeland by @scotthove. Whenever I trot out my @blamoadventurewear, I feel unstoppable. They're impeccably made by the nicest people, and there's a bat onesie that's calling to me. I think @samlauuut needs one next. #blamoween (Points if you know what the mask is from.) 🦇
Finding this installation particularly pleasing right now 🔮
I've liked this song since I was 13. I "enjoy the silence" now more than ever.
Have you ever seen one of these before? Leave your phone in this thing, and it'll get charged while you browse the museum. On this day, few people took advantage of the opportunity, probably because we don't want to be separated from our phones. If you find this phone charging station interesting, check out @mmuseumm for more artifacts of our evolving culture.
Introverting in the midst of a work trip with this terrific tome by @hamjaahsan available from @bookworksuk #shyradicals
More arting in LA... Paul McCarthy's White Snow Spinoffs large wood statues at Hauser & Wirth.
"Like You, I Despair" detail from large Lari Pittman + 9 other contemporary artworks I saw today at The Broad. Always cool to see art in real life. Visit galleries and museums when you can!
Many me inside Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Room
Posted: Sep 4, 2017 2:19 AM
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Ready to watch the Twin Peaks finale! 🍩☕️
Bunch of people having a good time. Dingbat Superminx
Posted: Aug 30, 2017 5:49 PM
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Happy Wednesday from this hoodcat.
Pleasing protest poster - poor punctuation.
Viewing the artifacts of capitalism with @samlauuut. Exhibition ends soon; get on down to Jack London Square.
Posted: Aug 12, 2017 12:19 AM
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Astonishingly, I've never been to Oregon. Must visit soon. 📷by @alliterater