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The Sultan and the Director checking on the raccoons and playing ball. #parenting101
Clockwise from the top: Past, Present, Future, Outcome.
Warm Skillet Salad: Edamame, Chick Peas, Black Beans, Corn, Red, Orange and Yellow Mini Baby Bell Peppers, Onion, Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper. #justfood
Dinner: Falafel, Tomatoes, Tortilla and Sour Supreme, or as I call it "pretend sour cream."
Kids asked for banana bread, so that's what I made. ❤ #justfood
Warm Breakfast: Rice, dried fruit, coconut milk, cinnamon and honey 'cause I have a sweet tooth. ❤ #justfood #breakfast
My mom-sense was tingling. I KNEW they were up to shenanigans. The Sultan and the Director got busted! #parenting101