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"The Girl From Orcotuna" photo taken by me and processed for the weekly collaboration of #LosCaminantes. To view other edits of this photo please check @onolennon @pei123 @carliebeltran @superheroina @saignus. Each week we will alternate the photographer and the editors. Orcotuna, Peru #StreetPhotography #MobilePhotography #AliveinOrcotuna #igersPeru #Peru

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School ends around four in the afternoon as the night shift starts their turn. #EverydayPeru. Arequipa, Peru.
Full of colors, tradition and culture, the monastery of Santa Catalina can easily blow your mind away. Arequipa, Peru
Over twenty nuns currently live in this monastery built back in 1800 with amazing architectural hallways. We had a private tour as part of #InstameetArequipa. Arequipa, Peru.
Cecilia: "Sweet bread for your soul and your coca leaf tea". She has been coming early everyday for the past 15 years to sell food for the soul. Arequipa, Peru. #InstameetArequipa
Misti, has been the guard of #MuseodeSantaTeresa for the past 11 years. Even though he wiggles his tale to anyone... his presence is enough to keep the monastery secured.
Arequipa, Peru. #InstameetArequipa
They are as tender and kind as you can imagine. Today we visited a dog shelter @vozanimalperu bringing donations and volunteering to walk and shower some 70 dogs 🐶 ❤️
All thanks to @turismociva @mascotaperu and coordination of @igersPeru. #igersPeruAyuda
October 14, 2017. Lima, Peru.
Color proofing for the @24HourProject Peru Exhibition. We will have about 80 print photos and more digital representations. I'll also be conducting a Documentary Workshop 📸. Sharing with others is the best way to keep on learning. #Lima #Peru
We are excited to announce the Peru Exhibition of @24HourProject at Toulouse Lautrec Peru. Thanks to @TLSPeru and @EverydayPeru
(Opening ceremony 20th October 8:30pm)
The exhibition will include print and digital photos from this year's edition of the #24HourProject as we came together to raise awareness of the current Refugee Crisis and the work @LesvosSolidarity has been doing
I'll be conducting a workshop on Oct 21, 2017 at 11:00am in the same location (Av. Javier Prado Oeste 980, Magdalena. Lima - Peru)
Emotions were all out as Peru tied Colombia and still has a chance to qualify to Russia 2018. Peru's last presence in a world cup was in 1982. Lima, Peru. #EverydayPeru
"The Space Between Us"
Central Park, NYC
- I would only end up hurting you.
- I know.
Upper East Side, NYC. #shotoniphone