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  Posted: Sep 23, 2012 7:12 AM FEED
1 Walden

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We fell in love 11 years ago and we've stayed in love all this time. Happy birthday to my handsome and genius husband! Love you so much and so proud of you! Two-time home owner at 24 and a dream career job at 27! 😭 Thank you for making me laugh, making me smile and making me want to be BETTER. Happy birthday my love! @markdeleon_
Sometimes you don't need to travel far to see beauty around you 🌿🌾 #explorebc
Smiling: beach, white sand, untouched hair & makeup free face for the past 10 days. #luxsouthariatoll
Our final day in this dreamy island - and I've come to realize you'll never beat me in scrabble, ping pong or finding the right directions. Thanks for loving my big forehead, handsome 👫#foralldaysMK #luxsouthariatoll