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lisaes 1w ago
Fallon Friday 🎉 High-fived Miley Cyrus and got her CD fo' free 😁
lisaes 7w ago
One more from this weekend 🌲
lisaes 7w ago
9.2 miles, 5 hours, 2 rattlesnakes, 1 bear, 0 casualties. #hikingsuccess 😝
lisaes 7w ago
Started the morning off right today 🌲🍎🛶🐛
lisaes 10w ago
"Smile for the camera" 😂😂😂
lisaes 11w ago
Spent first day of 29 skating and singing along to Malibu and Beyoncé 😜
lisaes 11w ago
Had to sneak in a food shot 🍜🍜🍜
lisaes 11w ago
a hello kitty accessory was 🤗almost purchased here today
lisaes 11w ago
Philly on the hottest day ever (of August so far 😝)
lisaes 13w ago
Tried the "Nutty Professor" #acaibowl today 😋
lisaes 16w ago
Just missing my "WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE" floormat 🙈🌿🌵