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  Posted: Sep 23, 2012 1:39 AM FEED
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@jonahowen takes @bear_mountain 's #HDHR @sjohnnybrady holds the wooden bear and @hondohasaniphone swoops that interview.

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Last February Bode sent us this photo of what he called his "Portable Foot Plant Machine". We patiently waited months to see it in action, and today, thanks to iTunes, and the best $12.99 we've spent in a long time, we witnessed what Bode can do with 24 Grab Rails, 15 Mega Claws, 3 hinges, and 1 sheet of plywood. 🦀:@bodemerrill ------------ The entire movie is incredible 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @ozzyhenning @nils_mindnich @instagarry @rancho_chesterado @mikeyrencz @chris_grenier @bundyvision @sagekotsenburg @marty_mcstark 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
One wrong turn... and you're wakeboarding.🦀:@big_air_jare 💉:@pete_alport -----------early Oregon snow.
How were your methods today? 🦀:@gabriel.b.ferg 💉:@pete_alport ------------- here in Oregon
Have a wonderful day Jon. ❤️ 🦀:@marty_mcstark 💉:@scottyarnold_ DYK? This guy made a movie and the world premier is tonight in SLC.
Would you? Ben Ferg x Tyler Orton movie premier in Bend, OR this Saturday. 7-10 pm. 🦀:@ben_ferguson 💉:@blattphoto #hailmarymovie
Backing Rav's foam customization. ❤️ 🦀:@mikerave
He could do this down dental floss. 🦀:@mennybilam 💉:@hidefjeff ----Note the micro ping entry 😬
The Multi-Use Claw Pin. Now available, and ready to be put to work. Linkinbio™
5 months ago Benny landed this @snow_summit then went to McDonalds and ate a hamburger. Yesterday he 'won third' @bear_mountain #HDHR2017 and then possibly ate a hotdog. 🦀:@mennybilam 💉:@hidefjeff What does it all mean? 🍔🌭👽❔
Insane to see fresh snow here in Oregon already. 🦀:@jpminibike 💉:@pete_alport
Follow Pete Alport for guaranteed snow envy. The undisputed king of early season snow finding missions 👑📷
Camo Foam currently available in limited quantities on our store. 🤐 Keep it hush. Linkinbio™
We're buying all our team riders new pets. 🦀:@mikerave 💉:@blattphoto
AK, our Intergalactic Sales Manager has a solid 30 Under 30 interview on today. 🦀:@a_____k____ Linkinbio™ to meet the only full time person we've ever hired, the most positive human we know, and the world record holder for most consecutive Crab Grab Employee of the Month titles. You're the man AK, it's an honor to have you in the family 👊❤️🙏.
He can do backflips. 🦀:@timshreddy 💉:@coltonandrewjacobs // Linkinbio™ to check Tim and his K2 teammates doing things at Mt Hood.
Most people can't do pow turns this smooth...
🦀:@ozzyhenning 💉:@patfenelon -- Check out Ozzy's Who is Pepper? - and learn more about the guy who can turn rails into trails. This movie is going to be 👉🏽👌🏽'ing insane. Linkinbio™
Mind bending Frontside Invert Tail Grab by one of our all-time favorite goofy footers. 🦀:@alexsaburolopez 💉:@patfenelon