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I love Saturdays.

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A little adventure to Altadena for a coffee date with Roark. @cafe_de_leche #kmpeats
I totally understand if you want to hire me for my drawing skills. It's all in the details with me. 😜 #boyddreamhouse
She had her first birthday circle at school today. We read (and donated) the book "in my heart". #roarkmorningshot4
My wonderful husband surprised me at school with flowers and an iced latte. It's our wedding anniversary. He totally loves me. And I totally love him!!! 😘 @potschbb
Cleaned the porch so we could do some pumpkin carving and painting. Feels good to celebrate and get creative.
Also we got fruit today. Incase anyone is charting this celebration. It was after the pedal boats before the park but I don't have a shot of the park time. You'll just have to trust me on that one. #roarkmorningshot4
She chose black ice cream in a black cone because "I feel like I should choose this one cause it's getting so close to Halloween. 👻 " I couldn't agree more. #vegantreats @cocobellacreamery
Family trip on the lake. Echo Park pedal boats. Roark has been asking to go on them for months. #roarkmorningshot4 #boydfamilyportraits
You seem to have always existed with this intensity. This ability to cut through the bullshit. To touch the core with your gaze. You speak of other lives you've had and I have no doubt you speak of the truth. You give me hope that time is irrelevant. It the moments that count. ( a few hours old here and you are almost 3 now. Oct 7th 2014) #roarkmorningshot3
Back to school night last night. I can't tell you how relieved and grateful @potschbb and my heart feel know Bandit is so happy in her school with her teachers, her fellow students, basically everything at that school. ✨😊✨
House builds take a long time but it's happening. Working on the kitchen design every chance I get. #boyddreamhouse #stillwaitingonpermits ✨😊✨😝✨😊
I love my sweet family. The adjustment from one babe to two was a very intense first year. But oh how thankful we are to share our existence with Roark. #roarkmorningshot3 wonderful memories captured by the wonderful @rachelthurston_ 😘😘😘😘
The pro of laying around sick and watching tv 📺 is seeing this handsome muscle man. 😘
Roark's homemade #vegan cake with homemade chia jam "frosting" - SHE LOVED IT! I won't always be able to pull off all the details and hand make everything but I sure do love it when I can.
I'm horrible at organizing and sharing my personal photos. This is from Roark's 1st bday of Miles wrapped around hi daddy's leg. Xo @timtimbear
Just days away from being 3. Holding on tight to these days. #roarkmorningshot3