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  Posted: Sep 22, 2012 11:32 PM FEED
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Here is @thomasspeed who just got the new iPhone 5 yesterday...welcome to the family my friend (and roommate). Everyone go encourage him to use it and post amazing pictures. K thanks. Bye.

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Introducing Sage River Coury. The sweetest lady you’ll ever meet. 1 // 3
Well, we’re here at the hospital, and this beautiful woman is going to be delivering our first child when Sage decides she’s ready. We covet your thoughts and prayers today, for a smooth delivery of a healthy baby, and for mama to stay healthy as well. Thank you! .
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The third of three cinemagraphs I made for @flixelphotos. #FollowHermano Hope you enjoyed them!
My beautiful and incredibly strong wife @cleocouryy reppin the @flixelphotos flag on Jackson Street Bridge. Y'all, we're about to have a baby girl any day now!!! 😳 2 // 3 #FollowHermano
I love being a part of social experiments and was stoked when @flixelphotos reached out a month ago. They're sending this rad flag with their logo all over the world to some cinemagraph creators and each person is creating a unique cine with the flag. I was the third person to be a part of it and just sent the flag to Portugal! Follow along at @flixelphotos and #FollowHermano. 1 // 3