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  Posted: Sep 22, 2012 9:15 PM FEED
2 Amaro

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YOGA ♢ Doing yoga makes me feel balanced and charged with energy. The flow of movement feels like a body meditation to me. AKA my soul loves yoga. 🙌🏻 Does anyone else feel this way? ➖ Shop my favorite yoga gear via or at @nordstromvan 📷 by @brit_gill #liketkit #LTKstyletip #LTKfit #SacredSuntan
TREEHOUSE ♢ New Moon manifesting. 🌙 Continuously visioning myself in a tree house with a view over water. This will do, 👋🏻 🌴 📷 by @brit_gill #SacredSuntan #Yelapa
RETREAT ♢ A good book, an open heart and so many sore but happy muscles. 🙌🏻 Yoga every day is my jam! Thanks for leading us through this week, @genieveyoga 📷 by @brit_gill #SacredSuntan
FUN ♢ Today’s mantra was “Have Fun” did you do something to inject a light hearted moment into your day today? 📷 by @brit_gill #SacredSuntan #FSPuntaMita
MEXICO ♢ Its been 48 hours in this paradise and we already feel re-centred and reenergized. ⚡️ Maybe because we witnessed the craziest thunder and lightening storm last night, either way thanks @fspuntamita thanks for being the setting of perfection. 📷 by @brit_gill #FSPuntaMita #Mexico #FourSeasons
PRESS PLAY ♢ That golden color of Fall is in the air 🙌🏻 I love connecting with elements that represent the seasons. 🌽 Last week we adventured into the country side and captured the essence of Fall with this video that is no doubt also what I would describe as #DaisyTime. 🎥 by @galen_lofstedt 🍂 @MarcJacobsFragrances #MJDaisy #MjPartner #Video #PumpkinPie
GOLDEN ♢ Cant believe I get to be part of the 10th Anniversary campaign of the iconic #MJDaisy fragrance. ✨ So feminine, so sweet, the perfect fragrance to go with the feeling of being wild and free, amongst the Fall Harvest. 🍂 #DaisyTime @marcjacobsfragrances #MJPartner 📷 by @galen_lofstedt
BEACH ♢ Dancing on the edge of the seasons. May as well fly south. ☀️ 🍑 Currently packing for M E X I C O 📷 by @brit_gill #BeachLife #BikiniADay #CanadianThanksgiving
THANKS ♢ The apple of my eye! 🍎 Happy Canadian thanksgiving, to my fellow Canadian friends. 🙏🏻😘 My favorite part about this years thanksgiving, is that I have created space in my every day life, to give thanks for the people and moments that I am grateful for. I encourage you to try it, it’s as simple as writing down 3 things you are thankful for every day! 🙏🏻 🍎 📷 by @galen_lofstedt #HappyCanadianThanksgiving #GratitudeList #UOOnYou
MOON ♢ Could not fit another moon symbol necklace if I tried. 💁🏻🌙 Happy Sunday Loves. 📷 by @allisonkuhl #UOOnYou #MoonMagic #Jewelry
APPLE ♢ Went to an apple farm this week! Turns our picking apples straight from the tree is super rewarding 🍎 📷 by @galen_lofstedt #UOOnYou #BlurredLines #Harvest
BFF ♢ Celebrating #DaisyTime with my BFF. 👯 Surround yourself with babes that light up your soul. I am pretty excited to have got to celebrate our friendship of 10 years along with the 10th anniversary of the @MarcJacobsFragrances #MJDaisy scent. 🖤 They launched a special sparkly daisy bottle along with their signature feminine scent just for the occasion.✨Tag a friend that brings a little sparkle to your day. #FriendsForever #MJPartner