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  Posted: Sep 22, 2012 6:40 PM FEED
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bill 5y ago
Digimon #streetmusic

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bill 3d ago
Slowly getting around to photos from the wedding week in Italy. The day before anyone arrived we had an amazing impromptu private tour of Gravner with @niccolopiccolomini.

The first shots are of the cellar, where the wines are macerated in beeswax-lined amphorae buried in the ground. Next-level "old world." Standing in this room feels like you've stepped back in time. Amazing experience. 🙏
bill 4w ago
Headed back down to Italy today to kick off a couple of weeks with family... oh and also going to marry this one while we're there. ❤️ #gettheetoitaly #hausbogensyu
Posted: Sep 11, 2017 10:42 PM
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bill 1M ago
90 years and still going strong.
Happy belated birthday, @huesbear!
bill 1M ago
Breadhead ♨️ 79% hyd / sesame linseed sunflower
bill 1M ago
Last night I made ramen to celebrate the anniversary of our first date. We met up for ramen four years ago on our first date, then again for our second date, and again for our third date... her friends called me "Ramen Guy." Guess it worked 🤷‍♂️
bill 1M ago
The collection at the Louvre is impressive, for sure, but it loses something when viewed from the other side of the selfie sea...
bill 1M ago
Construction in the city
bill 1M ago
The Swiss transit system blows my mind. We can leave home in the city and travel into the Alps 2000 meters up all on rails: tram to train to cogwheel mountain rail. The craziest part is that every one of them is on schedule to the minute.
bill 1M ago
Sunday hike through a postcard. 🇨🇭
bill 2M ago
Monochrome dinner: cream of chanterelle with sesame flaxseed bread fresh from the oven. 🍄🥖
bill 2M ago
Plenty of stages around the festival but the best music was right in the middle of the road. 🎺 This group was jamming a nice Swiss/New Orleans vibe. #badenfahrt2017