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  Posted: Sep 22, 2012 3:39 PM FEED
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Posted: Oct 20, 2017 2:02 PM
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We introduced our fall drink menu at 700 Central earlier this month. Drop by the bar to sample our fresh fall flavors. Also, we plan to roll out a new dinner menu in the next month or so. Stay tuned for more information!
Before we opened our doors at 700 Central, we knew we wanted a local artist to paint a mural on the back wall of the restaurant. Multimedia artist Shawn McCann seemed like a great fit, and nine months after opening our doors we are still in awe of his work.
Name or tag a local artist whose work you enjoy in the comments. Also, there's @trivia_mafia at @700central tonight, starting at 8 p.m.
Today's special at Nicollet is a Folded Monte Cristo! Chef Gemma created this bad boy which is a Ham, Gouda, and homemade blueberry jam folded into a pancake served with an arugula salad dressed with sweet blueberry vinaigrette. Oh wait, did we mention it's 2-4-1's on beer and wine too?
It’s Monday morning — the beginning of another coffee-fueled week. And we’ve got you covered. The Bad Waitress serves fresh brew from @spyhousecoffee at both locations.
What’s your favorite coffee drink?
Eggs versus tofu versus French toast: cast your vote in the comments. 🍳 Thanks for sharing this great brunch photo, @just__imani!
Humans of The Bad Waitress: This is Joey — he’s been with us since we opened our doors at 700 Central in February.
Has Joey ever served YOU a burger? All our meat is sourced locally, and we enjoy supporting local farmers.
Our first night of @trivia_mafia was a success, and we are so excited about our new weekly event at 700 Central. Drop by The Bad Waitress Northeast from 8 to 10 p.m. tonight to see for yourself!
How does Trivia Mafia work? Read on for more info: ● There’s no cost to play!
● Events are designed for teams of 1-6 people.
● Prizes include food coupons, movie passes, and more. They will be awarded to the top 3 teams and the halftime leader.
● You will play 6 rounds of trivia: 2 are general knowledge and the other 4 are categories about topics like music, geography, and historical events. Examples include Vikings Behaving Badly, Child Actors, and Christmas Trees from Movies.
● You’ll also be working on an image round on the back of your sheet.
We hope to see you tonight. Put a team together and drop by for some trivia.
The Bad Waitress welcomes remote workers. Please feel free to visit either location with your laptop — get comfortable, get something to eat or drink, and get to work!
Tag a friend who works remotely in the comments. Thank you all for your business and support.
We’ve got all the fixings to make you a delicious cocktail at The Bad Waitress Northeast (and a generous selection of beer and wine at our Nicollet location). Will we see any of you for brunch this weekend? Let us know in the comments!
Humans of The Bad Waitress: Meet Courteney, one of our standout servers at The Bad Waitress Nicollet. A reminder that we have @trivia_mafia at our Northeast location tonight and live jazz on Eat Street tomorrow -- both events will take place from 8 to 10 p.m. Who’s planning on joining us?
Are you free from 8 to 10 p.m. this Wednesday? How about next Wednesday, or the one after that?
Mark your calendars, because The Bad Waitress Northeast is launching a weekly @trivia_mafia series in just two days. Order drinks. Grab a bite. Win gift cards. And get your trivia on at 700 Central!
Happy National Coffee Day! Celebrate at The Bad Waitress with a cup of joe. The baristas at our Northeast location whipped up a cinnamon ginger latte using @spyhousecoffee and fresh dairy from @hope_creamery.
Beet tartare created by Chef Oby: cashew-truffle purée, cashew dijonaise, cornichon, and French baguette from @patisserie46. Keep an eye out for updates to our menu, coming soon at The Bad Waitress Northeast.
Autumn is in full swing. It's starting to cool down outside, so consider ordering a full pot of hot tea at The Bad Waitress the next time you come in. TeaSource’s Montana Gold is a staff favorite — the spicy-sweet herbal blend is full of fall flavors like cinnamon, orange peel, and cloves.
What kind of tea do you like to drink?
Humans of The Bad Waitress: Meet Tammi Rose, our new bar manager at The Bad Waitress Northeast.
What’s the best drink you’ve had at The Bad Waitress? Or anywhere? We’ve got a full bar at our new location, and our aim is to keep our customers happy (and their glasses full).
Pictured: The Bad, Bad Benedict at our Northeast location — fresh baguette from @patisserie46, two eggs any style, creamy lemon-rosemary hollandaise sauce, tender prosciutto, and crisp arugula.
What’s your favorite egg dish?
Beer and wine. Two for the price of one. All day. Drop by for 2-4-1 Tuesdays at The Bad Waitress Nicollet! List your favorite beer in the comments (or wine, if you're not a beer person).
Pictured: our new seasonal Cranberry Wild Rice Pancake, now available at our Eat Street location.

Topped with cranberries, and filled with a blend of Minnesota wild rice, this breakfast item is not to be missed and available all day.

Have you tried our Cranberry Wild Rice Pancake? What are your thoughts on this flavor combination? (As you can see, Josh at The Bad Waitress Nicollet is all for it!)
We are updating our fall cocktail list at 700 Central! What flavors would you like to see on our drink menu? Share your ideas in the comments.
Live music tonight from 8 to 10!

The Bad Waitress Nicollet is pleased to welcome Charmin and Shapira back for another evening of guitar and vocals. Having performed together for years, this duo is completely tuned in, playing off each other flawlessly. These two are not to be missed.

Charmin Michelle – vocals

Joel Shapira – guitar