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All these dudes been in the game for years. Definition of a BOSS!!!! @doughnutfool. BakeNDestroy is done stay on the look out for the date of the premiere. Beleee dat @bakerskateboards #baker #bakendestroy #bakerboysdistrubution.

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We pulled up in dem jerseys tonight so you see when we walkin up and pullin off ya dig!! NikeXNBA #LAWantsItAll #YOUNGMONEY
The @danny.supa dunk Hi is a classic throwback been around for years so you know its only right we had to bring it out again 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥 @nikesb #15YearsOfSBDunks Available at #YOUNGMONEY
Pullin up on woe everytime im in the area ya dig. #YOUNGMONEY 📸 @creatvefate
Back then they didnt wanna hear me out when i Pull Up to the scene thats when they see me out. See they jaws drop now they stuck in a drought💯🚘😎 It’’s to late now!!! . #BAKE4LIFE 🎥 @j3framos #YOUNGMONEY
Best thing in life is God waking you up to see another beautiful day although getting boxes from the best sponsors out YA DIG 😎. @spitfirewheels @thundertrucks #Baker4Life #YOUNGMONEY
@andrewreynolds @epiclylaterd episode this Wednesday at 10pm on @viceland. This man is called the BOSS for a damn reason its not to be said just to be saying it. @diseasedostrich @kevinspankylong @beagleoneism @goatmoufgumbo @atibaphoto @erikellington @bherman #BAKER4LIFE #YOUNGMONEY
All black @nikesb #VaporMaxBruins gettin laced up with my new @bakerskateboards graphic you see how im coming. 😎. #BAKER4LIFE 📸 @j3framos #YOUNGMONEY
J’s after J’s so you know im flexin from my foot steps! #YOUNGMONEY
S/O my homie @creatvefate for this dope MJ wall art he did for me 🔥🔥🔥👌🏿 #YOUNGMONEY
Gotta get it how you live there isnt no other way ya heard me!!! #BAKER4LIFE 🎥 @j3framos #YOUNGMONEY
Happy Birthday to my lil sister @october.first . She in the back of that Bent sitting lavish !!! Luv u ❤️❤️