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Another beautiful SoCal Sunset ❤️🕉 10.16.2017. ....every sunset is an opportunity to re-set 🤗
Weight-loss Wednesday 💪🏼's been exactly 4 weeks since my last fitness journey post and since then I lost 6 more pounds and 2.5% body fat and have had a minor thumb injury in between. Total lost to date: 25lbs 10.5% body fat ...I was told that I could never run again due to several back injuries but I'm doing it and nothing can stop me. This is the BEST I've ever felt inside and out 🤗 I have a lot to be thankful for it's time to focus on toning up 💪🏼 #staypositive #thankful #weightlosswednesday #beachworkout #orangecounty #strandsbeach
Love you to the moon 🌙 and back ...thank you my Kar for spending my birthday with me ❤️
Last pic of the night...elevator pics are the best!! Thank you to my Karlie & my sis, Kellie for celebrating my 40th with me ❤️🤗 Love you!! 😘
Because life is too short and too beautiful to dwell on those things that no longer serve you. Be happy...stay focused...remain positive and everything will fall into place. I promise! 💕
Missing my lil Kai 💕 ...hoping to see you in AZ in a couple weeks!
Happy 4th Birthday, Brookie! Auntie loves you so much 💕
Motivation Monday = Me 💕
To date I have lost 19lbs and 8% body fat in 16 weeks 😆 I haven't felt this happy and healthy in a long time! My goal was to lose 20lbs by my birthday and I'm 4 weeks away and will succeed my goal 😊 There is no stopping me once I'm determined! Push yourself every day to be the best person you can be and all will fall into place. Be positive and be kind to others, always no matter what you're going through 💕 #lifeisajourney #lifeisbeautiful #fitness #healthylifestyle #motivationmonday
Happy Friday!! Is it time to clock out?...last Friday's Sangrias 😋🤗 #fbf
The last pics from my last post that IG didn't post 🤷🏼‍♀️
Last Sunday's Laguna Beach protest 08.20.2017..such an amazing experience to see everyone united and spreading love & positivity. I wish we could all feel what I felt on an everyday basis 🌎❤️ #dumptrump
There are people with beautiful minds and beautiful hearts all around us..when we tune into that frequency, we attract them into our lives. Raise your awareness and read between the lines ✨🌎
...Every woman should know how to defend herself aka shoot a gun 🔫
Always good to see my Mom & Dad ❤️
#Repost @supersoul with @repostapp
Let these words by Maya Angelou help motivate and carry you throughout your week. (((❤️)))
Do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return and you will never be disappointed....💙🖤