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I know what you're thinking. I wish Ellen would rate my cat. Well, I can't. Unless you send me a photo. #EllenRateMyCat #CatWeek
@Beyonce, I know you love Connect 4. It’s your move. I’ll wait here.
Check out an exclusive photo of @LauraDern’s #StarWars character. She looks Dern good.
Looks like some of these cats are gonna have Bad Blood. #CatWeek
This is my cat, Charlie. Find out what she’s looking at on my show today. #CatWeek
Tomorrow, the first two people to encounter the Las Vegas shooter are here to tell their story – security officer Jesus Campos and building engineer Stephen Schuck.
The easiest way to get on my show is to write a song about me. (Hint hint.)
Andrew Garfield flipped for me.
What. Just. Happened? (You can find out on my #EllenShowMeMore Show only on @YouTube) @diddy @frenchmontana
Tomorrow it’s your favorite duo, @SnoopDogg and me, or as I like to call us, Gin and Juice.
Makeup artist Dain Yoon came a long way to show me her face.
Did you know #DictionaryDay is today? Me neither. I had to look it up.
Taylor Kitsch is not hard to look at.
I hope you’re ready for tomorrow. Cat Week! Cat Week! Cat Week! Cat Week!