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Such a spirit filled day today! Chilled with the fellas today! We had an amazing panel discussion for the youth for the Urban Ambassadors Breakfast Of Champions produced by @mastermindconnect! These kids were so eager to learn and so self aware! I sat down and spoke with these beautiful young ladies as we talked about spirituality, future goals, purpose and of course.... hair!!! Look forward to next time! Thanks fellas, I felt like Mother Hen today!! @mrmike926 @freelovefrank @mianyc @mrandret
Supporting my biker boo aka new President of @mobbinkingz_nyc! Shout to the @mobbinkingz Biker's Club (CMC)! Had a great time at the annual meetup today! Cool dudes man! 🏍.... I'm going to learn how to ride one day!
Last night's first #Indigo11TRIBE Moon Meet up in New Jersey!! It was beyond phenomenal, we stayed almost til midnight! We talked. We connected. We released. @nico.le.aiye thank you so much for co-hosting and allowing us into your space and for leading one of the most relaxing meditations I've had in a while!
It felt like you all were X-Men in the making, what a POWERFUL group!
Big thank you to all of the lovely beings who came in communion for his Harvest Moon. I look forward to more magical gatherings!
Happy #FullMoon! 🌕 These past few weeks have been pretty intense. Use this day to LET GO of what continues to hold you back. Also, bring to surface what's been lingering in the background and face it. I suggested this activity in my private FB group (Indigo 11 Tribe) and I offer this suggestion to you: --> 3rd Eye Art 🖌
Set the mood, play music, light candles and get yourself some canvas and paint or sketch paper and pencils. Close your two physical eyes, and allow yourself to fully depend of your 3rd eye to create your masterpiece.
Yes you heard right, paint or draw with your eyes closed and see what your subconscious brings to surface through your art! This is a great way to stimulate your pineal gland, while also allowing you to become more familiar with your way of "seeing" and "feeling" on an intuitive level. You will be surprised at what you come up with! I'll be doing my 3rd eye art this evening! Can't wait!
Word on the street is that the newest/updated light codes are ready, did you catch the vibe today?
#SunGazing #SunSet #Amun #5D #Gaia #Transformation #Indigo11Tribe ☀️
😲When you've totally been neglecting your IG because your private Facebook group is giving all kinds of LIFE!! Join the TRIBE today by searching "Indigo 11 Tribe" on FB! Join us for collective meditation, spiritual traveling around the globe as a group, resources, support, and of course love & light! This is a safe space to express and share your growth spiritually without judgement and your people's being all up in your business... Be as weird as you wanna be!! 😂
Shout out to the TRIBE! Love you guys so much! #indigo11tribe
Just went LIVE on YouTube with an important message to those who wish to receive it. Click the link in bio to watch! Keep your vibes high! 🙏🏽
1 Year Freeform Loc Update!! Click the link in bio to watch the FULL video!! #freeformlocs #freeformdreads #locnation #loclivin #naturalhair
One year wiser, one year loc'd! 🎉
The process of freeforming has taught me so much about myself and my level of patience. I never thought in a million years that it would be humanly possible to permanently part from my curly Fro! My hair was the reason ppl even knew who I was on a public level. People called me crazy! I felt like Martin on that episode when he came back from the cult retreat!! 😂Seriously though, when I say this beautiful journey has been a refresher for my mind, body & spirit, it's been that and so much more! My Freeform Loc journey has been a direct manifestation of the sense of FREEDOM that has bloomed and will continue to bloom from within! -- I can honestly look in the mirror and say to myself, with my whole heart, I AM FREE! Hello 34....
#freeformlocs #freeformdreads #locnation #naturalhair #virgo
Evolution of the spirit. 💫
Just went LIVE!! Talked about crystals... and stuff! 😝Head over to stories and check out the replay!!!
💎Who's interested in learning more about crystals? Join me for my Crystals 101 | LIVE Webinar Sunday, 9/17 @ 1pm EST
During our LIVE workshop, we will discuss:
▪️What crystals are
▪️How crystals work
▪️How to cleanse & charge crystals
▪️A breakdown of various crystal properties
▪️Crystal meditation techniques ▪️How to balance Chakras using crystals

Includes FREE tutorial on how to make your own crystal cage necklace!
Just $25 to register! Link in bio to purchase!
Not able to make it for the LIVE workshop? No worries, register today and receive the replay link immediately after broadcast!
Earthday coming soon! Where all my 9/16's at? ♍️ Plus, I can't wait to share my 1 Year Freeform Loc update!!!! So excited! We are gonna start from day ONE! Oh how things have changed! ☺️Hope you guys are having a wonderful day! #freeformlocs #freeformdreads #locnation #naturalhair #virgo
Join us for the 5th Annual #HEBFashionShow brought to you by @_cfth NYC and @abittmoore! I will be hosting along with the lovely @allthingsada on October 2nd at 6pm!
Residents of Susan’s Place Homeless shelter will be featured as supermodels for this special fundraising event! Come out and support an amazing cause helping women who've been through it ALL, feel beautiful, loved and supported!
#cfh #SusansPlace #WomenOfSusansPlace #WofSP
Omg loving this look! I found a way to play in color without paying the price of commitment using the new @clairolcolor #ClairolColorCrave Hair Makeup! It shows up so well on my locs! With 6 colors for all hair textures and shades (including dark hair!), there are endless possibilities to #FlauntYourFearless for the day (or night!)—and switch it up the next.
Comment below which shade I should try next, and click the #linkinbio to tune into the my latest #facebook LIVE with Clairol Color Director @colormejames to learn more! #ClairolPartner
My favorite month of the year! Not just because it's my Earthday month, but because it just feels so damn good! 😌 Today is DAY 1 of the 28 Day Workshop in finding deeper spiritual connection! Have you signed up yet? If you would like to participate as a group, it's not too late! Click the link in bio to get started today! #HiSeptember